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Updated: 06 November 2022

Installing solar since 2014

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Pink Energy, formerly PowerHome Solar (Out of Business) reviews

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Latest good review thumbs up

Happy! | Mount Sterling, Ohio | 09/10/2022


This company is real. Not only do they learn from their mistakes, they learn from them and continue to do the next right thing. Happy customer!

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Latest bad review thumbs down

tim | Bellefonte, Pennsylvania | 11/17/2022

pink energy

Has anyone filed a law suit and whom did you contact in pa

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FURIOUS | Pearisburg, Virginia | 11/06/2022

Scam, theft, deceit

This company’s products don’t work, they don’t fix them, the pawn off issues on another company, they dismiss your Better Business Bureau complaints, they increase your bill, then they change their name so their terrible reputation doesn’t follow them. Do.NOT let them into your home or give them your money.

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Angela B | Rome City, Indiana | 10/26/2022

Buyer beware - fraudulent

I just received an email to sign loan papers for a loan I didn't approve or ask for. I met with a Pink Solar rep ages ago and after reading all the scams and fake panels they sell we never contracted this company. Randomly today, several months later, they filed for a loan I did not authorize or approve. I haven't heard from this company in months, I never signed anything to take on the loan or their services - they fraudulently tried to open a loan! Do not use this unethical, fraudulent company.

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Ryan Alban | Knoxville, Tennessee | 10/19/2022

Wish I never got solar

From the start there were red flags, the salesman told me that the solar system would produce year round and save us so much that we would be trading our electric bill for solar loan and that the power we don't use our electric company will put it in a "bank" for us and pull from our "bank" before charging us for power (when the local electric company came out to swap the meter I was informed that they did not "bank" my back power they just send it right back out on the grid), and that we would get a tax credit check that would cover a large majority of the loan, the loan payments started 5 months before the system was even initially installed. Once the system was installed it took another 5 months before it could be "fully operational" so at that point i had paid for almost a year for a non working system. After finally getting it "set up" I have called and asked what setting to put it on as well as some other questions and could never seem to get a straight answer, like none of their employees had any idea how the equipment worked, as of now I have had the system running for a year and I have not seen a change in my electric bill what so ever, the only way i know that my solar actually does work is the 3 or so times my neighbors power went out i still had lights and such. When it came down to it and I was told I would get the tax check that would cover a "good portion" of the loan, come to find out the "good portion" i was supposed to get was to maintain my loan at a lower cost, tax credit was about $2000, but what was never explained to me was that I had a certain date that i had to pay them $15000 otherwise my payments went up by almost $200. in the long run the solar panels have saved me about $50 over the span on a year and added about $400 on top of my energy bill

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Disabled in Illinois | Leaf River, Illinois | 10/18/2022

We were scammed

Salesman did awesome job selling us a deadhorse with many many years to pay . They took advantage of my disability from the start. System installed 12/21 never worked right since .all phone numbers never work . Even Generac seems to be blowing us off now which is sad because that was a big factor in us purchasing solar. Class action lawsuit maybe warranted here. Plus the " 14k incentive payment is a credit . Any attorneys out there with a professional opinion Thanks Disabled in Illinois.

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Greg Jones | Port Washington, Ohio | 10/14/2022

Solar never worked

Had installed in 2020 and hasn't worked yet. And we understood that we was getting a backup generator. So we are paying for a dead horse. Also was told by contractors that we needed a panel upgrade on our fusebox but the boss looked at pictures and said we didn't

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White,J | Fairborn, Ohio | 10/06/2022

Not happy can’t contact broke equipment and still stuck with paying for it, attorney is my only choice now

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RBell | Union City, Georgia | 10/03/2022

What Happened

We had an installation almost a year ago. The panels and systems have never worked. Georgia power is unable to authorize operation. We are paying a monthly bill for the solar system. Pink Energy keeps canceling appointments to get our system operational. All the phone numbers seem to be out of order. Did we get scammed? I would not have purchased such a big ticket item if I knew this would happen. Now we are deciding how to proceed.

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Waiting in Grand Rapids | Grand Rapids, Michigan | 10/03/2022

Broken since June of 2022 (3 months now)

First off, customer service is horrible you wait for over an hour before talking to someone and then being put on hold again. First my battery back up broke and it took a month to fix, then an error code happened and when that was fixed the batter back up broke again which now has to be completely replaced. I am paying a lot of money for broken things while still paying. SO extremely frustrated!

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Deidre | Wadesboro, North Carolina | 09/30/2022

Extremely Disappointed!!

Since day one this company has given me the run around!! I should’ve never even trusted them from the start!! Now I’m stuck with paying for something that’s rarely working!! How can I get out of this mess???

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Cheryl | Harbor Beach, Michigan | 09/27/2022

Run around

I would give them zero stars if I could! We have been trying to get them out to repair our solar panel system for two months now. Today when we called ….. again……. The phone has been disconnected and they are out of business! It’s too bad that they scammed a lot of people including us.

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