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Updated: 05 August 2019

Installing solar since 2016

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Solar panel heaven | Sharon, Massachusetts | 08/06/2019

Solar panel installation

Dan Maloney sold us on having solar electricity in our home. We got solicited by another solar company and after reading the Google reviews we decided not to hire that solar company.

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Tom | East Bridgewater, Massachusetts | 08/05/2019

Timely and efficient

We originally had a NEEECO energy audit. They were very good and changed all my light bulbs for free and gave us more attic insulation for a very good price. Work was completed in November. Within 2 weeks of the energy audit, a representative from NEEECO (Dan Maloney) contacted us to find out if were interested in solar panels from SUNRUN and we set up an appointment in January. After Dan from NEEECO met with us, we decided that we would get solar panels from SUNRUN. We signed the documents in February with Dan, and had the panels installed in March. The process was very efficient and streamlined. The original installation date was supposed to be at the end of April, but SUNRUN and NEEECO moved us up to March and we were live by March 30th. The process could not have been easier and we have enjoyed the reduction of our electric bill to at less than $100 per month (normally it would be $250 in the summer).

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SalemSolar | Salem, Massachusetts | 08/04/2019

Easy and simple process

Neeeco completed an energy audit for me last year and during that process I had indicated an interest in solar. I thought it was something that I wouldn't be able to afford to do for several years, but I wanted to learn more. The rep I worked with, Daniel, was extremely helpful and patient as he answered my endless list of questions and clarifications. The scheduling of the install was prompt, and while my system (3 months later) is still not up and running, I think that has more to do with the local electric company (National Grid) than anything else. My solar panels were installed through a company called Sunrun. Working with them has also been pleasant.

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RunningOnSun | Ayer, Massachusetts | 07/31/2019

Great Staff, But There is Some Miscommunication

My wife and I signed up for a home energy audit while at the Boston Home Show this past winter. We ended up having to change our appointment and NEECO was more than willing to help us out. Once the audit was complete my wife and I made the decision to move forward with a small insulation project with the hopes of maintaining the use of our walk-up attic. Unfortunately, this is where the miscommunication came into play. The person that came to do our audit told us we would be able to have blown-in insulation installed under the subfloor, but we later found out this was not true (on the day of insulation). The manager called me quickly to discuss the situation and we realized it was best if we hold off on insulation until we decide what we would ultimately like to do with that space. Everyone was friendly and accommodating throughout the entire process. We did end up having solar panels installed on our roof with the help of Dan M.... Dan has the patience of a saint! My wife and I must have asked him a million and one questions, but Dan answered every question without hesitation. He is articulate and extremely knowledgeable in his field. Knowing Dan lived about 2 hours from us, we suggested signing documents remotely so that he would not have to make the treck back out to our house. The process was as smooth as if Dan was in our home with us.

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Richard Hamilton | Medford, Massachusetts | 07/31/2019

Energy Audit

We had Neeeco come out for an audit of our home and and went with their assessment. We also had solar pannels installed on our roof. Throughout this process they were extremely helpful and highly recommend.

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Tom McCormick | Milton, Massachusetts | 07/31/2019


The whole process, from meeting with the NEEECO rep, through the installation process was pretty simple and explained well. The installation took a couple days due to weather. The install team kept in touch and left the surrounding area clean.

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Mitchell | Stoughton, Massachusetts | 07/30/2019

Clear and Simple

Dan came to our house and explained our options to us, giving us a thorough cost breakdown of our current energy bills, how much of our electric usage we could expect to cover, and what we would be paying now and in the future with solar energy. He also discussed our options for solar--buying vs renting, and the pros and cons for both. He put us in touch with Sunrun for a no-cost installation and followed up with us throughout the process. I've recommended Neeeco to my local friends and family and would to anyone else looking to go solar who wants guidance through the process.

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Roslindale Homeowner | Roslindale, Massachusetts | 07/30/2019

Thank you NEEECO

The NEEECO people and their services were excellent. They told us what to expect and followed through with it. We are still new to our solar home, but like everything so far with their work, the solar panels and energy from our home roof top.

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Swetha | Tewksbury, Massachusetts | 07/30/2019

Excellent service and professionalism

Very happy with your professionalism and knowledge about solar. I felt that you will represent my interests. So much that when I called sunrun people, I didn't like their service. Will be requiring support later to monitor solar performance. Thanks! Good luck.

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Jeremy Greenfield | Sharon, Massachusetts | 07/30/2019

Home energy audit and solar installation

Highly recommend Neeeco. Taylor came out and completed my Home Audit. He was on time, professional, and very informative. After this process we had Neeeco complete some insulation work. The crew that came out to insulate the eves and air gap sealing were also on-time, clean, professional, and fast! Taylor also put me in touch with Dan who’s from the Neeeco Solar team. He came out and explained the whole process, equipment, types of benefits, and was also super knowledgeable. I had met with a few different solar companies and found that I was able to get the best savings and most reliable service and support thru Dan and the Neeeco team. The solar install process was very quick, efficient, thorough, and clean! This company seems to employ people that really care about helping residence benefit from MassSave and Solar initiatives. Overall this company is very professional, knowledgeable, willing to go out of there way to get you answers to question you have, and I highly recommend them!

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Shell | Halifax, Massachusetts | 07/30/2019

Energy Audit and Solar Panels

We had Neeco come out to do an energy audit a few months ago. They walked us through improvements we could make and the various incentives that were available to us to make those improvements happen. We went with several of their recommendations, the largest of which was a solar panel installations. This was important to us, as we had been planning to have solar panels installed anyway. We loved the contract we were offered, and had a great experience with all of the employees. I would definitely recommend this company.

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Neeeco Solar brings to homeowners an affordable way to cut your energy bills. When you go solar with Neeeco Solar, the question is not whether you save but how much. Choose between a no-cost lease for instant returns, or own your system to maximize long term savings. Whichever option you select will immediately cut the cost of your energy bill! And with a battery, you'll add security from power outages. Neeeco Solar team has been in the solar business since 2010 with over 30 years of combined experience in its management team.

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