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Steven Arhart | Salt Lake City, Utah | 05/21/2023

Great company, installation workmanship, and product

Mynt was very easy to work with. The quote, detailed explanation, and transparency was very easy to work with compared to the different quotes and companies that I pursued. They kept me informed with the process and exactly when my installation and next steps were going to take place. As an engineer myself, the detailed drawings and permitting instilled confidence in the design and workmanship that I was receiving. Easy app to track the functionality and production of the panels. After about three months of production no issues. Would definitely recommend to others.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

ADL | Lehi, Utah | 04/17/2023

Every Step A Struggle

Mynt offers some of the best pricing on Solar you can find. Likely owing to the fact that they have no commissions and do no marketing, I literally got 50% more power for a lower cost than other solar companies in the area. The people I interacted with were pleasant and seemed to want to do a good job. Unfortunately all of the positives above contrast sharply with the reality of how bungled their operations are. In order... 1. No show on initial sales call, was contacted later with a "whoops, a system error sent it to our California branch and they didn't call you or us" 2. Given December as the installation target (not actually completed until April) 3. No overall timeline or milestones given. I had to ask for an explanation of status multiple times, sometimes for the same step. 4. Misfiled paperwork, resulting in further delays 5. Owing to the lack of communication, odd occurrences like someone showing up out of the blue with the city and asking to shut off my power to install something. I still don't know if they would have just shut off my power if I hadn't been there. 6. I asked multiple times to understand onboarding to monitoring. Promised information by techs and a service rep which I never received. Left multiple voice messages. Eventually had to go to the main office and meet with the CEO to look into getting information. Eventually (after a reminder) things were finally set up. The CEO acknowledged the issues and stated that I was not alone in my situation. He seemed generally invested in getting to a good conclusion and gave me his cell so I could follow-up if things were not resolved within the next business day. From the conversation it sounded like procedures (like an actual timeline) are now being provided to new customers, with more work to be done. However I can't review based on what the next person may experience. Based on the above I would recommend the following. 1. Wait 6-12 months from this review and see how other recent review are. That should let you know if they have fixed their operational issues. 2. If you can't wait that long, you should go in with the understanding that what you are saving in money you may be paying for with time and uncertainty. 3. Be aware of the risk of post sales support. I currently don't have much confidence I will be getting great service should the need arise. I normally would have selected a different company after the first incident where I was stood up on the phone, but the prices were so much better (and the reviews so positive) I was willing to take the risk. Ultimately it seems like I got a good installation and a good price— at the cost of a lot of frustration and a future uncertainty. I hope Mynt is able to get their operations sorted out. It's a shame that such a great value is tarnished by failing at the basic blocking and tackling of running a business.

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Eric | Lehi, Utah | 12/04/2022

Fantastic experience installing rooftop solar

We contracted with Mynt Solar to install an 8 kW rooftop solar system and had a great experience with them start to finish. Their sales team was very informative and professional. They have flat pricing, which makes things very straightforward, and they took the time to answer all my questions and make sure we were making the right investment for our needs. I also really appreciated that they were very objective and weren't trying to sway us into using them by badmouthing their competitors - I can't say as much for a few of their competitors... Another thing that pushed us over the edge to use Mynt Solar was their assurance that they could get the system installed relatively quickly to ensure that we could take advantage of the tax credit on this year's filing. They absolutely delivered on that. After we'd signed the contract, we were assigned a project manager who did an excellent job of keeping everything moving along and keeping us apprised of the status. The only significant amount of time spent waiting during the process was always while waiting for the city/power company to come out and do their next step. Mynt made sure to submit all the applications very promptly and to have the installation scheduled such that everything just moved along as quickly as the approvals came through. Only time will tell, but given their business model, I'm also very optimistic that they'll be around for a good long time to provide their advertised warranty service should we ever need it. I can wholeheartedly recommend them if you are looking for solar or roofing services.

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Agnes Hanson | San Bernardino, California | 09/02/2022

Fast install, Excellent customer service and Great team!

It's hard to trust some solar companies out there, I had my fair share of shady installers provide a quote so I decided to check out Mynt since they were so highly rated, well they were highly rated for a reason. They were awesome, Chris was a pleasure to work with, and the installers were awesome and cleaned up thoroughly after they left. They also did an electrical panel upgrade for us and the installers even matched the color of the stucco to our house, which was above and beyond. Very pleased, can't wait to not have to pay Edison anymore (at least not much).

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Maria Rodriguez | Pleasant Grove, Utah | 06/27/2022

Great Deal!

This company was very good to work with they provided us with a good deal. We had 35 panels installed in just 1 day! They took care of all of the city inspection approval process. I recommend them 100%

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VDizon | Trabuco Canyon, California | 06/27/2022

Fairly priced, exceptional service, not pushy and professional

I shopped a full year for solar companies. I created a whole spreadsheet with comparisons, rates, what is being offered, loan lengths, cost of ownership and all that stuff. I will be honest that Mynt Solar is not the cheapest company as far as pricing. Even Tesla can beat their price. But what separates Mynt compared to other companies is the bang-for-buck service. I am writing this review almost 3 months after install. Was the entire process perfect? No. Was it worth it? Yes! The Sales Process - I worked with Jonas in the sales process. Jonas from Utah is honest, he is responsive but he is not annoying. I've had Sales Reps who are annoying that the company sounded desperate. There is always a fine line between being pushy/aggressive vs being professionally assertive. Jonas is the later. Jonas did not pretend he knew everything and was not afraid to say, "Let me get back to you on that one." Which he did. He took copious notes it seems which is a good sign. I was a Head Hunter/Executive Recruiter back in the days and I can tell Jonas is good. He will go places. After the sales process, install came in with Co-Owner Chris handling the process. Chris is responsive, quick and he is very knowledgeable. He also isn't pushy. He knew his product and while he was willing to give a bit of a discount, he did not undervalue the company at all. I've had a few lower quotes than Mynt, but the process and the Sales Reps were too aggressive. I've had a higher quote than Mynt from a local company and the Rep was just too arrogant. Always ready to bash any of the competition. Maybe the company is doing well, but I don't see a lot of reviews on them. The other company's rep felt like the star player from a really bad team. The Install Process - The install went smoothly. There were 3 people working at my house and all of them are very knowledgeable. It seems like all 3 are construction, roofing and electrically saavy. Aside from their foul mouths (as my neighbor complained - a really strict parent type neighbor), all of them were very easy to work with and fun people. They worked hard and they were very very good and detailed. The work was clean and they cleaned up very well after the process. Turning on the system process - So, one thing that went wrong was the Permission-to-Operate took 3 weeks to figure out. We had a mistype on our application which prevented the PTO to go through smoothly. It eventually happened so I probably gave away 3 weeks worth of my energy produced to SCE. But Chris was more than willing to fix it, the timing however, was totally out of his and my control. We were at the mercy of SCE. In the end, my first week after PTO already over produced. Chris listened to my ask that I oversize the system, we figured out the correct size to overproduce and I am happy thus far. I am 3 months into it so we shall see on how the following months are going to come. But Chris is still very responsive to my questions. My thoughts - My parents decided to get Tesla, and while their inverters and batteries look REALLY good, their service has not been up to par. There were some mess up on their electrical which killed their A/C. It blew their motor which may have been overcharged when they turned the power on. My parent's Tesla Charger outlet no longer gives 32 kW after the install. It only outputs 8 kW. It has been a nightmare charging the Model 3 and they had to go through their Home Warranty to get the A/C repaired because Tesla was not accepting responsibility. They have been having a hard time reaching Technical Support to deal with the car charing issue. On the other hand, I have had nothing but great experience with my Solar System thus far. I commend Jonas, Chris and the whole team for such a great experience. Again, they were not perfect but they tried their darn best to make it a good experience. And they are honest, and willing to accept responsibility if the fault is theirs. That says a great deal about the company.

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Austin | South Jordan, Utah | 06/23/2022

Fabulous experience!

After initially sitting down with three different solar companies for estimates and hating every minute of it, Mynt came through and was a much-needed breath of fresh air. Didn't try to upsell us on anything that wasn't needed and didn't spout out any of the typical greasy sales lines like, "I'm a big believer in transparency, so I'm going to be brutally upfront and honest with you." The whole process was awesome - from the initial meeting to discuss options, to scheduling, to installation and after. They really care about what they are doing and it shows!

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Brandon Hoyt | West Jordan, Utah | 06/17/2022

Best solar company

My experience with Mynt has been amazing. My solar rep was Jonas Christensen. He won’t try and sell you and over priced, over producing system. The service and solar is so awesome that I purchased solar on my 2nd home after purchasing on the 1st. I will be sending all my clients, family and friends to Mynt.

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PilotJohnnyB | Salt Lake City, Utah | 04/27/2022

Great Experience!

From the salesman who came to the house to make the presentation to the Scheduler, Installers and the Electrician, everyone was very professional and caring. Addressed all my concerns, gave me a firm timeline, and meeting that timeline. I highly recommend.

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Mark C | Salt Lake City, Utah | 06/03/2021

Service until the ship was righted... Good work!

I chose Mynt Solar based on reviews and trustworthy customer sales and service.

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Ronnie Thompson | Magna, Utah | 06/03/2021

Solar install

We where looking at solar and filled out a survey and almost immediately had calls coming in. Did some research and made some appointments some how I had two companies show up at the same time mynt be here a couple minutes first. The graciously said they could comeback left some basic pricing and left. After looking at 4 or 5 companies we had them come back. They were not the cheapest but were willing to work with me on what I wanted. In the end we got that and at a price that was better than fair. The work was excellent and we have kepted in contact ever since. It was a no brain that now looking at a battery backup system to contact them. Again they are working with me to get what I want and are going above and beyond to try and get the best price we can. I would recommend them to anyone

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Maximus | Logan, Utah | 06/02/2021

Fantastic Experience

I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with Mynt Solar. Unlike so many other companies that leave their customers to fend for themselves once the installation is complete, Mynt was always there for us. They answered questions, let us know that our system was functioning at peak performance, re-emailed the forms we need to apply for the tax credit (my fault) and provided excellent customer service when an issue arose. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Mynt Solar to anyone considering a solar system.

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