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Latest good review thumbs up

moonBeam | Sandy, Utah | 12/28/2023

Such a great experience

I cannot stress this enough. If you are the type of person who wants to work with a totally open and honest business that believes in the work they are doing, then you should talk to Mynt Solar about any solar or home efficiency work you want done. They are a local company building a reputation on honesty and good work. I was impressed with the reputation they had online, so I decided to get a bid for our solar project from them. Not only did they come in significantly lower than the other well regarded company I looked into, but they also were perfectly happy to do the extra electrical work I wanted, as well as to help me design it. I also wanted to look into attic fans, and that was also something they specialized in. I was impressed with everyone from sales to electricians, to the owner of the company who I met on the second day of installation. When I asked about additional work like insulation, they were completely honest about what work was likely to pay for itself in efficiency and that which would not. When it was discovered that a misunderstanding would result in significantly more work for them, they simply asked for more time and completed everything without ever increasing the cost of the project. During the whole process, they kept a solid line of communication open, provided me with updates and worked extremely hard to schedule the work as quickly as possible despite there being no rush on my part. I noticed that there was an emphasis on not just getting it done according to code, but doing it 'right' so that there wouldn't be any problems in the future. When the work was done, everything was just as promised. The worksite was clean, and everything was put back in place. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was this impressed with anyone working on my house. Our next solar or home efficiency project will be going directly to Mynt Solar.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Unhappy one | Hesperia, California | 11/06/2023

Do not use them

We had 40 panels installed. We notified Chris that we had roof penetration issues. We had no response or repairs. We had to remove all panels, replace wood and install a new roof. Neither Chris in California or the Utah office would respond to their supposed warranty.

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Jeff | Draper, Utah | 11/29/2023


It's been okay

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Sara S | Provo, Utah | 11/17/2023

Company with follow-through

I did my homework to find a good Solar company to work with and I have no regrets about picking Mynt. We ran into a couple of bumps along the way and they handled things really well overall. I’ll give an example - we have a tall playhouse/shed in our backyard that is PERFECT for 6 solar panels. Mynt was in it for the long game and patiently worked with the city to ensure we had the proper permitting to allow us to have solar panels on a detached structure. It was not easy and resulted in several delays but they didn’t give up when I’m pretty sure many other companies would have. We are very satisfied with the final result and I believe we got a more than fair price.

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Brandon | Ogden, Utah | 11/16/2023

Solar panel success

My experience with Mynt solar was fantastic. Their team walked me through the whole process and was very honest. The instalation was smooth and well done. I've had the panels up for over a year without any issues.

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Drew M | Orem, Utah | 11/16/2023

Pressure free Solar Sales.

When we got a quote from Mynt it was very straightforward and to the point. No pressure into signing. I went and got quotes from other companies and none of them could touch Mynts prices. After we signed with Mynt the process was smooth and fast. I’m very happy with my system.

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Robyn | Draper, Utah | 11/08/2023

Mynt was a great company to work with. We got estimates from 7 different companies, and they were by far the one that we got the most for our money. Everyone that came and worked on our house was very polite and capable. We ran into a snag with the battery/inverter system that we were excited to get when we signed, but it was more of a problem with the company that builds the battery and inverter, so that delayed installation a few months, and ultimately we had to go with a different system, but Mynt was very helpful in answering all of our questions on the other options and lining up conference calls with those manufacturers to answer more questions that they themselves couldn't answer (my husband had a lot of technical questions he wanted answered before we made our decision). The reason I have to give 4 stars instead of 5 is the communication between them and us could have been better. I felt at times it was me always calling trying to find out when people were coming out next to work on the install instead of them giving me a heads up. Hopefully that had gotten better since our install Dec 2022. I would still go with Mynt again if we got solar again

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Betsy | Riverton, Utah | 10/30/2023

Mynt Solar is no-brainer

Mynt Solar made everything easy. The Pricing, Coordination, and Installation was all amazing....and any post-install questions were very quickly answered. We could not be happier!

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Abraham Fox | Riverton, Utah | 10/30/2023

MYNT Solar - AMAZING Customer Service

MYNT Solar from start to finish and ongoing and continously provided Top notch, above & beyond customer service. Their labor and parts warranty/guarantee is legit. And they get right back to you every time. They really do exactly what they say they'll do......and they TRULY walk the walk!

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Steven Arhart | Salt Lake City, Utah | 05/21/2023

Great company, installation workmanship, and product

Mynt was very easy to work with. The quote, detailed explanation, and transparency was very easy to work with compared to the different quotes and companies that I pursued. They kept me informed with the process and exactly when my installation and next steps were going to take place. As an engineer myself, the detailed drawings and permitting instilled confidence in the design and workmanship that I was receiving. Easy app to track the functionality and production of the panels. After about three months of production no issues. Would definitely recommend to others.

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ADL | Lehi, Utah | 04/17/2023

Every Step A Struggle

Mynt offers some of the best pricing on Solar you can find. Likely owing to the fact that they have no commissions and do no marketing, I literally got 50% more power for a lower cost than other solar companies in the area. The people I interacted with were pleasant and seemed to want to do a good job. Unfortunately all of the positives above contrast sharply with the reality of how bungled their operations are. In order... 1. No show on initial sales call, was contacted later with a "whoops, a system error sent it to our California branch and they didn't call you or us" 2. Given December as the installation target (not actually completed until April) 3. No overall timeline or milestones given. I had to ask for an explanation of status multiple times, sometimes for the same step. 4. Misfiled paperwork, resulting in further delays 5. Owing to the lack of communication, odd occurrences like someone showing up out of the blue with the city and asking to shut off my power to install something. I still don't know if they would have just shut off my power if I hadn't been there. 6. I asked multiple times to understand onboarding to monitoring. Promised information by techs and a service rep which I never received. Left multiple voice messages. Eventually had to go to the main office and meet with the CEO to look into getting information. Eventually (after a reminder) things were finally set up. The CEO acknowledged the issues and stated that I was not alone in my situation. He seemed generally invested in getting to a good conclusion and gave me his cell so I could follow-up if things were not resolved within the next business day. From the conversation it sounded like procedures (like an actual timeline) are now being provided to new customers, with more work to be done. However I can't review based on what the next person may experience. Based on the above I would recommend the following. 1. Wait 6-12 months from this review and see how other recent review are. That should let you know if they have fixed their operational issues. 2. If you can't wait that long, you should go in with the understanding that what you are saving in money you may be paying for with time and uncertainty. 3. Be aware of the risk of post sales support. I currently don't have much confidence I will be getting great service should the need arise. I normally would have selected a different company after the first incident where I was stood up on the phone, but the prices were so much better (and the reviews so positive) I was willing to take the risk. Ultimately it seems like I got a good installation and a good price— at the cost of a lot of frustration and a future uncertainty. I hope Mynt is able to get their operations sorted out. It's a shame that such a great value is tarnished by failing at the basic blocking and tackling of running a business.

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Eric | Lehi, Utah | 12/04/2022

Fantastic experience installing rooftop solar

We contracted with Mynt Solar to install an 8 kW rooftop solar system and had a great experience with them start to finish. Their sales team was very informative and professional. They have flat pricing, which makes things very straightforward, and they took the time to answer all my questions and make sure we were making the right investment for our needs. I also really appreciated that they were very objective and weren't trying to sway us into using them by badmouthing their competitors - I can't say as much for a few of their competitors... Another thing that pushed us over the edge to use Mynt Solar was their assurance that they could get the system installed relatively quickly to ensure that we could take advantage of the tax credit on this year's filing. They absolutely delivered on that. After we'd signed the contract, we were assigned a project manager who did an excellent job of keeping everything moving along and keeping us apprised of the status. The only significant amount of time spent waiting during the process was always while waiting for the city/power company to come out and do their next step. Mynt made sure to submit all the applications very promptly and to have the installation scheduled such that everything just moved along as quickly as the approvals came through. Only time will tell, but given their business model, I'm also very optimistic that they'll be around for a good long time to provide their advertised warranty service should we ever need it. I can wholeheartedly recommend them if you are looking for solar or roofing services.

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