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Updated: 17 January 2019

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bowensa4 | Clifton Park, New York | 08/06/2018

Amazing service a year later

I've had my system for almost a year and experienced a problem with the inverter not producing any power. I called the office number and got an after-hours person who quickly had the on-call tech, Danny Palmer, get in touch with me. He was amazing! He kept me informed of each step he attempted remotely and Monolith's communications with the inverter's manufacturer. I told him I bet he would have to come to my house to fix it and he responded that he was up to that challenge. Hours later it was fixed remotely. Communications were great. Customer service was great. Danny was awesome. I expected problems getting help since the system was bought and paid for and a year old already. I was very pleasantly wrong in my assumptions! Great job Danny Palmer!!

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Latest bad review thumbs down

sad customer | Troy, New York | 01/22/2020

Horrible customer sevice

The company representatives have been very rude and very difficult to reach. Paid deposit and its been 5 months without one day or work started.

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asaxby | Valatie, New York | 01/17/2019

Terribly disapointed!

Do not recommend. From beginning to end our project has been horrible. We started out by their representatives not being able to help us properly get the loan as promised, we had to call directly for proper information (should have known then). When the loan finally came though it was not setup the way it should have been. <br />Despite being told through the process we could change the details later we couldn't and now we are stuck with a much larger bridge loan than we wanted.<br /><br />Then the stall game began. Even though we were told the process would take a month to 6 weeks it took nearly 5 months to get our panels installed. We kept getting pushed off and jerked around about the delays (in reality it is becuase the company is struggling). Finally the panels came in and got turned on. They worked for less than a month and a part broke. We were told we were "lucky it was covered under warranty!" (Um yea.. they haven't even been running for a month!). So here were are now with non working solar panels.. (now on week 3 of no solar production) with no end in sight. So..we have an electric bill and a loan payment. <br />People at the office are less than helpful and do not give any information or updates. <br /><br />Technicians are nice enough but even those who told us to contact them directly ignore messages. <br />*as with previous poster our inverter also went. But we are on week 3 of waiting for it to be fixed. <br /><br />Beware. Do not use them. So terribly disappointed.<br /><br />Oh. And as of this point in time the people who recommended us haven't gotten their referral payment yet.<br /><br />UPDATE on the above. Finally for monolith to give me solar edge direct number after they kept blaming them for the inverter delay. ("Its not our fault its solar edge fault!") I contacted solar edge directly and they immediately expedited the issue on their side since the delay has been sp long. Something monolith couldn't manage to do for us. <br />So... add lying, stalling and deflecting to the list...<br />Now lets see how long it takes them to come install the part.<br /><br />Good news is NYSERTA is coming to inspect. Cant wait to tell then the story!

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Stella Martin | Glenmont, New York | 11/07/2018

Installations causes leaks/damages in roofs of Storage Units

Beware: Solar Panels Installations Can/Has caused Leaks into Storage Units.<br /> I have concerns Monolith targets Storage units for solar, but doesn't appear to be upfront with the reality of solar panel installations able to cause Leaks in the roofs, destroying peoples precious property. <br /> They installed solar panels on the roof of the storage unit I pay nearly $200 a month to keep my belongings safe, Nobody alerted me to the possibility the panels and installation could cause leaks in the roof of my storage unit, while it had been leaking for a couple months completely destroying an entire box of my most precious priceless family heirloom belongings.<br /> My belongings included generations of families baby books, my deceased families military honor commemorative letters signed by the presidents, with photos of presidents signed, deceased families paintings, some belongings so destroyed I can't even tell what they are soaked with water, and covered with horrible mold.<br /> The company did quickly come to the storage unit to fix the leak, as one worker told me this has happened before, and assured me their actions to caulk the roofing around the Panels would fix the leak, it's what they did to the previous Storage facility that leaked from their solar panels. <br /> I truly hoped this situation would stay simple, and sincerely hoped Monolith would simply do the right thing, but As some time has passed it doesn't appear to me that Monolith is interested in resolving this issue and the priceless damages they've caused. Unfortunately it appears that I now need to waste my time contacting an attorney for resolve.<br /> I noticed Monolith keeps saying Customer Service is important to them, however I've contacted the company a couple times to speak of this issues, but the owner has not returned my call. Will see, and update how this unravels.<br /> From the information coming from the Storage unit working with Monolith, it doesn't seem like they are telling the entire truth about these installations to the Owners, they Can and Have Caused Leaks to Storage units.

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BigWally | Nassau, New York | 01/18/2017

Monolith is awesome!

To say our experience with Monolith exceeds expectations would be to make a huge understatement. This company is AWESOME! For perspective, we're owner/builders; we designed and built our own passive solar, super-insulated home and in the process we've dealt with a LOT of contractors. Monolith is at the top of the list for doing what they said they would when they said they'd do it. As anyone who's dealt with contractors knows, that can be a BIG problem, but not with these guys. The best part, what really distinguishes them from most every other solar company is they're local. We never had to talk on the phone with some guy in California looking at Google Earth on his computer. No, we'd make a phone call to Rensselaer if there was some issue and an hour later someone like Gary Despart (lead consultant), Chris Williams (foreman) or Danny Palmer (PV technician) would be on site. Very impressive!

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So-so | Stephentown, New York | 01/13/2017

Monolith Solar-- Good Installation, Poor Upfront Service

High pressure sales and missed commitments. Excellent installation and work but get a penalty clause in your contract if the installation date is critical. Also, don't sign any financing contract without full disclosure of terms and interest rate.

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HighviewEG | East Greenbush, New York | 07/29/2016

Amazing Company!

If you are interested in Solar you need to contact Monolith. Their attention to every detail from day 1 to completion of the project by every member of their team was nothing short of amazing. If you are thinking Solar call and get it started, you are not going to find a more professional team out there.

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LOCH | Troy, New York | 07/12/2016

Great experience!!

Very good company, professional and caring. Quality of work superb. <br />Extremely happy with my decision.

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DancingQueen | Albany, New York | 06/30/2016

Excellent service!

The whole team went out of their way to make the process smooth sailing. When I wrote they responded promptly. They replaced the panels that fell quickly and with no fuss. When the independent contractors failed to show to dig my trench, their men filled in and did an excellent job. I am very happy with my panels.

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PM2016 | Cohoes, New York | 06/13/2016

Solar installation through Monolith Solar – One of the best sa

I generally do not post any review but this time I felt like writing about my solar installation by Monolith Solar.<br />I did my research before going for solar and checked with some big names as well as some local installers too. Most of them offer the leasing option as that is in the best interest with the company. One of my friends referred me to Monolith and it offered me the best deal for purchasing the solar unit.<br />My project was handled by Lindsey and she is the best. She is very efficient in communication and managing the project. She explained me all the details about the installation and post installation processes and helped me for all the communications to power company.<br />The installation team is young, energetic, caring and very accommodating. It was windy and light rain on the second day of installation but they completed it even though they had to stay late.<br />The best part is when the 3rd party electrical inspector checked the system. He said “I like the company's work. Because they have used good quality product and done a nice job”. That was a very satisfying moment for me to hear a comment from an independent tech, who inspects so many solar installations.<br />Everyone in Monolith care about customer. Even the VP - Steven Erby called me to make sure the project is handled to my satisfaction.

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Heldebergs | Berne, New York | 04/28/2016

Helderberg system

Initial sales and installation went well. They upgraded to a new product after the estimate but came in at good price. The system looks good and worked well. After about 8 months the system started malfunctioning. Monolith was very slow to respond and still unresolved after several weeks. Support and communication has been substandard thus far. Hoping will improve and system will be fixed.

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bwthemoose | Schenectady, New York | 04/28/2016

very happy with them

They were very easy to work with, gave us a lot of information about the install and the estimated costs<br />we would work with them again

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