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Leyna Pham | Fresno, California | 10/18/2018

Beat the Fresno Heat

We met with a wonderful Larry to go over all of our options while comparing to other companies. Since we had multiple homes, we Larry guided us to do the lease on our main house incase we wanted to add systems for our tenants in the future.<br /><br />Our normal usage was pretty low, and since we were buying more homes, Lifestyle's own lease made the most sense compared to other companies. We decided to sign up for 13 Canadian Solar Panels with the Solaredge option.<br /><br />After Larry, Diana was wonderful in communicating the status with our installation timeline. It was installed quickly in one day and turned on after. Even one month later, Melissa from their office called to follow up and check production of our system. It was actually 5% over the estimated, so we're super happy with them, and absolutely thrilled to help them spread the word. Highly recommend this local fresno company.

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PGarcia | Madera, California | 05/28/2021

Do not use Lifestyle Solar!!!

Purchased my home in June of 2020, had lifestyle solar install solar panels on my home, after a month I noticed that the solar braker was in the off position after calling them they initiated the permit process with PG&E and turned on the braker. After all that I was under the impression that I was generating solar power. After eleven months, I hired a company to come and clean the panels, they informed me that the Rooftop shut off switch was in the off position. I asked them to please turn it on and I then contacted Lifestyle to please come and check my system. There customer service is horrible, they refused to come check my system. I contacted PG&E and they verified that my panels never produced energy until the switch was turned on by the cleaning company. I have attempted to contact lifestyle solar, but they will not assume responsibility, according to them they install solar panels they do not guarantee that they will produce energy. Now I am stuck with a huge true up bill from PG&E. Whatever you do, do not use Lifestyle, worst company!!!!

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M.Ramos | Fresno, California | 06/09/2018

Very Happy!

I couldn't be happier with Lifestyle Solar! From the day I started the process to the day I had my complete solar system up and running was about 30 days. Lifestyle Solar made the whole process quick and painless. Their office staff was very friendly and helpful in answering all my questions and made sure that I was notified immediately every step of the way to keep the ball rolling. <br />My system took 2 days to install, but totally worth it. While other companies say they can install in 1 day, the quality and craftsmanship just isn't there. My neighbor had a different company do their solar and the side by side comparison is like night and day. I was very concerned with the aesthetics of the finished product and the installers that came out were professional and very attentive to detail. All the electrical conduit was run very precisely and as inconspicuously as possible as well as painted to match the color of my roof and stucco so that it blends in with the house and you really have to look to see it, where as on my neighbors house it sticks out like a sore thumb. The installers asked me where I would like the inverter box and I decided on a spot, then after they left the first day my wife and I decided that we would like it moved just inside the fence to be less conspicuous. When the installers arrived the next day and we told them they didn't even bat an eye, they were happy to move it if that is what we wanted. Even with us having them move the inverter they were still 100% complete by the end of the second day as promised.<br />While Lifestyle Solar wasn't necessarily the cheapest out there they installed top of the line panels and inverter to insure that we get the most out of our system with the fewest problems as well as the best manufacturers warranty and Lifestyle Solars warranty. <br />I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for, and I couldn't be happier!

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Xuan | Fresno, California | 10/07/2017

Sue Ann Nguyen

Lifestyle Solar did a remarkable job. I received a great customer service, huge saving with Canadian made panels, and clearly explanation from Larry. I have zero dollar for my first electric bill!

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Alano | Clovis, California | 10/28/2016

Lifestyle Solar did a remarkable job.

Lifestyle Solar did a remarkable job. FromLarry presenting the program and answering all questions very clear and making it easy to understand to Vanesa the Customers Service Representative helping walk through the epaperwork and answering additional questions. Charlie and the crew were very conscientious and careful when installing the solar. At the end of each day they picked up all their equipment and left the area very clean.

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ajackson | Kingsburg, California | 09/07/2016

Amazing Customer Service & Super Fast Installation

I was referred to Lifestyle solar by my boss, and the moment that I started to search information about Solar. Lifestyle was very helpful and very knowledgeable about everything that I asked. Every person that I dealt with were very nice, each individual had amazing customer service and didn't give you run abounds. They all gave you straight to the point answers and followed a detailed and timely manner. Since I am getting married in 2 weeks, Lifestyle was able to get my installation super fast and up and running on my house. I didn't think that they would be able to get this going so fast as to what they did. I am forever thankful for Scott Crumb, and Vannessa Mejia for all what they did for us. The Solar crew were very polite, and very efficient with everything. I have zero complaints with this company and I will be recommending all my friends and family to you!

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maryhuston | Bakersfield, California | 06/22/2016

Happy Happy

Shopped several different solar providers and decided Lifestyle was the one for us. So glad we did! Charles and his team are very professional and very customer oriented, and not knowing much about solar, we really appreicated this. Very well planned and executed from start to finish. I would highly recommend them.

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sgtgregg | Fresno, California | 04/19/2016

Dump evil PG&E

PG&E keeps increasing rates... everyone should think about going solar and avoid the evilness of PG&E. And when you finally decide, just skip to the punch, and go with Lifestyle Solar.<br /><br />These guys made it right, even when the City of Fresno couldn't get their act together. Sales... Scott was Awesome! Install... are you serious!!! Amazing!!! Front office staff, very informative and communicated often... but the best part, was dealing with Kim! She was by far the best that Lifestyle Solar had to offer. Professional doesn't come close to describing how awesome she is! I visualize I'm talking to angel everytime I'm blessed to speak with her. When the City of Fresno screwed up, she got involved and calmed my nerves ensuring SHE would take care of the problem. She's just amazing!<br /><br />My experience with Lifestyle Solar was top notch. Do yourself a fair and go with them for your solar needs, you won't regret it!

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Shawnee73 | Lindsay, California | 02/09/2016


So after having my system for nearly a year, I have come to find that Lifestyle installed the wrong size. I was promised a system to meet 110% of all our electrical needs. Now they are telling me they misquoted us and we would need to purchase an additional 15 panels. This would be a $50k system. Unbelievable! They basically lied to get our business. Fortunately I have the emails to prove it.

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sanchezsj | Fresno, California | 01/07/2016

Buyer Beware

I wanted solar and I got it. After having several companies come over and give me their sales pitches, I finally decided that I was going to move forward with Lifestyle. The salesman told me what I wanted to hear and made me guarantees that made me feel like a valued customer. I was wrong. I was lied to and it costed me thousands. Having the company local made little to no difference than working with a nationwide retailer. I left messages and would never get calls back for months (3 months to be exact). They sold me a system that they guaranteed to produce a certain amount of power and fell short of their promise. What amounted to several hundreds of dollars out of my pocket at the close of my true-up bill (end of the year that I have to pay PG&E), meant that they would refund me just enough to take my wife to the movies (matinee) and a drive-thru for dinner. I would not go with them again and would advise anyone else to seek your solar systems from elsewhere. Their solution to my shortfall of solar power was to buy another system from them to supplement their failed guarantee.

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Superdad | Fresno, California | 10/15/2015

Mills Family Install

Lifestyle was a pleasure to work with. We had numerous quotes from other companies and because they did not attempt to over sell me saving us at least $10K on the install price. We had some equipment glitches and although they were not their responsibility they took ownership and made the system work.<br />I strongly recommend that anyone looking to install solar request a quote from Lifestyle before selecting any other provider's quote.

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Chucksha | Fresno, California | 09/11/2015

Great - Great - Great

We have had an outstanding experience with Lifestyle Solar. They made the decision easy, the installation a breeze, the instructions for use a piece of cake and in general were one of the easiest home improvements made to date. Highly recommend them for solar needs.

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