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Updated: 19 December 2022

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Latest good review thumbs up

How | Whittier, CA | 11/22/2021

A mixed bag

Our experience with EZ was a mixed bag. On one hand, our sales rep, Mai-Ly was great. In contrast to other sales reps we found when shopping for a system, she was knowledgeable, honest, and responded wonderfully to our needs. Also, the equipment seems to be good, the crews seemed to be good, the price was good (not great), and inspection went with just one minor hiccup, causing a 7-day delay. On the other hand, the process took almost three months from the signing of the contract to our connection with SCE. In our case, that meant almost three months of a torn-up yard and electric bills. We were not pleased. In light of bad reviews, I had EZ modify our contract. I came across negative reviews of EZ just before we signed. One theme was that once they got their last payment, they were no longer responsive, with reviewers complaining that months passed without their solar system accepted and connected with the utility, what EZ called "operational." Normally, last payment is due after passing inspection. I had EZ leave the last $1000 payment due only after the system was operational. Did that help? I don't know. But SCE deemed us operational this morning, less than a week after final inspection.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Derek | Redondo Beach, California | 08/21/2023

Unresponsive communication

Date of install: for solar panels: 5/3/23. - One panel doesn't work - They have not finished roofing. There is a leak in the roof where roofing was done. They left tiles stacked dangerously on the house. - EZ Energy hasn't installed 2 batteries that were already paid for. They would not install the batteries because they didn't submit an official application to SCE with information on batteries purchased. Dates I have emailed, called or text without response: 7/20, 7/26, 7/31, 8/2, 8/8, 8/9, 8/14, 8/17, 8/18. Still waiting on a response for them to resolve.

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Mar | Rowland Heights, California | 12/19/2022


EZ Energy Solution is owned by GNGR, Inc. headquartered in Texas. First, my project took much longer than expected to complete (about 6 months). After installation, I have constant electrical problems such as lost communication with the system, poor generation, etc. The company is supposed to monitor and maintain my system, but they do not. I tried getting repair service from them but in vain. So, the 30-year warranty is useless. My next step may be with the California State License Board.

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R. M. | Northridge, California | 08/08/2021

Take your money somewhere else

Unfortunately, I went with them. SO IF YOU PLAN SOLAR, GO WITH A DIFFERENT COMPANY MUCH MUCH BETTER FOR YOU. Take your money somewhere else. Search their company's name on different websites and you will see what people wrote about them. They were so nice and made everything great about their company. Omar, sale's man gave me an offer and I liked it. Everything was written. As soon as they took their money, they changed completely. This guy tells me that he does not even know when he came to my house. They denied any offer to me even it was written but they started interpretation based on what they want. I asked to speak to the owner several times, they promised me each time that I called that he will call me so we can discuss the contract. The owner never called me. Basically, as soon as they took your money, they forget about you. I put so much of my health into arguing with them with no results. Everyday a new manager says I will follow up on that and let you know but none of that happens. So my advice to you, take your money go with a different company.

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Angel A | Palmdale, California | 11/04/2020

Lying liars who lie

This company absolutely will lie to you. They have so far been caught doing the following (and I have receipts if they want to argue): -agreed to our request for more expensive, but longer lasting equipment, but came out and installed inferior cheaper panels -claimed that they only installed 18 of the 20 panels and that they would be back. If they installed the last 2 panels, they would have overloaded the system and never passed inspection -had a meltdown over phone and email when we demanded they come back and install the equipment we had paid for -once installation was done, told us the inspector would come out on a specific date/time, the inspector was never actually scheduled -confessed that they were not aware that they had to do technical drawings that needed to be passed before an inspector would come out -do not have an in house technical drawing staff, took over a month so far to get the drawings to the inspector, and will not confirm for me still if the inspector will approve the initial application even though the equipment is already on my house -signed legal documents on my husband's behalf that he never saw. Can verify via IP address that they signed at their offices without showing us the documents -have cut me out of important conversations as the wife/co-owner even though the loan is in my name -offered to pay the first month of the mortgage and claimed a check was 'in the mail' ....check envelope was cancelled 3 days after the last time I demanded on the phone to know where the money was, so it was in fact, not 'in the mail' when I asked. They also left all kinds of debris on my roof that has been raining down for months. Nails, screws, washers, bits of foam…. Absolute garbage company. Do not use for any project. Untrustworthy. Wish I had never heard of them.

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FAKE SOLAR COMPANY | Beverly Hills, California | 02/27/2020


EZ Energy Solutions is. A FAKE COMPANY. They use EZ energy solutions as a fake name as the company name is Real GNRG & NV construction. They have tossed us around like a unimportant customer. They have also been installing systems in friends of ours homes that stop working after a few months. The worse part is that they will not HONOR their contract as they have lost paperwork to keep up and that is a poor poor service from a company who wants to take home improvement projects. Don’t do business with someone or a business who uses fake names!

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