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Terry | Union, Illinois | 05/21/2024

Immediate response

Great company, first class! Less than a month from deposit to operating system. They did all the legwork, permits, inspections, and follow-up. Very responsive to the small issue I had. System sized properly and electric bill now at the minimum possible (~$15).

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Reply from Certasun: Hi Terry, thanks for much for your review! We are so glad to hear that you had a first-class experience going solar with us, and that you're already seeing the benefits on your utility bill! Thanks for choosing to go solar with us!

Latest bad review thumbs down

Fed Up | Lake Forest, Illinois | 10/23/2023

From excellent to barely mediocre

I had CertaSun install solar panels a couple of years ago and had the best experience, above anything I could have expected. The sales portion answered all my questions, and I had considerable questions from my research leading up to my contact with them. I couldn't have expected a better experience. However, now, about a year ago, I wanted to add a SunVault battery for storage. My sales contact was slow to respond, didn't seem to want to answer any of my questions and I had to continuously keep after him to get to where I am today. I ended up going to the original sales rep, who was promoted, to get any kind of answers. I was so deep into it by then, I struggled with it, but decided from my first experience to proceed. Now, SunVault installed and operational for a little over 2 months and there's a problem with it. It's been 2 weeks since I was told I'd have answers for availability of the defective/non functioning part and still no response from the 2 emails I've sent. No one seems to know if or when the replacement part will be available to bring my storage to where it should be. IDK what happened, but CertaSun went from a company I would recommend to everyone, to a company I'm fed up with and hate the thought of having to deal with them again for anything. No communication from the team onsite, little or no communication from my "success manager", so here we are. I work far enough away and have to make arrangements for them to access the equipment, but cannot do that when I have no information or timelines.

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Reply from Certasun: Thank you for the feedback. Our goal is to provide the best service in the industry and we clearly did not live up to that standard here. Our technician did not resolve the issue with your system during his first site visit, but our partner, SunPower, was able to resolve it remotely the next day. Your system has been working as expected since then. While our technician was onsite, he did find some anomalous readings on one component. Although not impacting the performance of your system now, after consulting with SunPower we would like to proactively swap out the part under warranty. The part is on order. When it arrives we will make the replacement at your convenience. We apologize sincerely for not being as responsive or communicative as we should have been. We have already made some changes internally we hope will allow us to do better in the future.

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Raj Prajapati | Mundelein, Illinois | 04/25/2024

Great company, great service, follow through as promised.

Really great experience. They followed through as promised. Very quick response, very quick service, following the time guideline. They worked with ComEd, helped me with the rebates etc. Their app is pretty good, panels are pretty good as well producing really good energy as promised. I have had it for about 8 months and have no issues so far. They only thing they didn't mention is that you are paying taxes for the rebate money you received and it was a lot (close to $4000 for $18,304 rebate that I received from the state). I highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed.

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Reply from Certasun: Raj, thank you for your review and for choosing Certasun! We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying the energy production and that you are happy with your experience overall. We are sorry to hear that our disclosure in our solar proposal about the Illinois incentive being taxable may not have been clear, and appreciate that you still highly recommend us in the end.

Vern | Harvard, Illinois | 12/09/2023

I was very happy with Certasun and their work in designing and installing my solar power system. Questions I had were answered very quickly. It took less than a day for the installation and then less than 2 weeks to have the system inspected and approved and then have the power company comvert my account to net metering. Certasun handled all of the permitting process and all interactions with the power company and it all went smoothly. Overall it was a very good experience with Certasun.

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Reply from Certasun: Vern - thank you for your 5-star review and for choosing Certasun! We are so glad to hear that you are happy with your experience going solar with us!

Nik T | West Chicago, Illinois | 12/04/2023

Excellent company and people to work with. I was kept upto date throughout the project. Highly recommended.

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Reply from Certasun: Thank you for your review, Nik! We appreciate you choosing Certasun and highly recommending us to others!

Todd | Buffalo Grove, Illinois | 11/17/2023

Amazing company

Everyone involved from the first person we spoke to, the project manager and the installers were friendly, knowledgeable, explained the process each step of the way, helped us understand some problems and gave us options for fixing some issues . . . I would recommend Certusun to any friends and family.

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Reply from Certasun: Todd, thank you so much for your review and for choosing Certasun. We are so glad to hear your had a great experience with our team members, and appreciate you recommending us to others!

KoolAde | Lake Villa, Illinois | 11/16/2023

Solar Power operational per plan

Sales contract was very clear and understandable. I didn't need a lawyar to understand it. Timeline for solar energy was close to that predicted, about 10 weeks. Solar installation is working fine since it was turned on about a month ago.

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Reply from Certasun: Thank you for your review and for choosing Certasun! We strive to make our proposals and contracts clear and easy to understand, and are so glad to hear you found that to be the case!

Kamlesh | Elk Grove Village, Illinois | 10/30/2023


Jon kroft my sales person was very helpful from beginning to the end of installation process. He was present T time of the installation to make sure everything is going good. Good team work. Happy with the company and staff.

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Reply from Certasun: Kamlesh, thank you for your review! We are so glad you found your solar consultant Jon to be helpful throughout the process and that you were happy with the rest of our team as well. Thank you for choosing Certasun!

Steve N. | Bolingbrook, Illinois | 10/10/2023

Excellent Service

I recently had solar panels installation on our home. From the consultation step to the final installation, Certasun was always very prompt, informative and professional. All staff members were knowledgeable and detail in answering any questions that I had. Each step in the long process was listed out in the contract, tracked and communicated along the way. I am very happy with the work the whole team performed to complete this project. The final result is beautifully installed panels without any visible conduit on the roof top. The system so far has performed as expected. I will have no hesitation if I have a chance to refer anyone who wishes to install solar to Certasun. Sincerely thanks to the whole team, you did a great job!!

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Reply from Certasun: Hi Steve, thank you taking the time to leave a review! We are so happy to hear that you were happy with our team's work throughout the process and that you like the look of your installed solar system! We appreciate you choosing Certasun!

Jon | Naperville, Illinois | 10/10/2023

Simple excellent solar

The whole certasun process is simple and straightforward. They designed the system, got all the approvals from city and HOA. Installation was easy, and now the solar system is up and running just as promised. I would do it again without hesitation. The team has been available to answer questions and help explain the timeline and steps along the way

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Reply from Certasun: Hi Jon - thank you for your review and for choosing to go solar with Certasun! It's great to hear that you found the process of going solar easy, and that you're happy with the results!

Roody | Oswego, Illinois | 10/04/2023

Very happy with CertaSun and SunPower

After extensive research and a few sales presentations, we selected CertaSun to install our solar system. Their use of industry leading panels and hardware from SunPower was a factor in our choice. Perhaps more importantly, CertaSun believes that exposed conduit is ugly and I AGREE!! Whenever feasible, conduit should be hidden from view. Much can be run in the attic space eliminating any ON the roof. In my home, I have a hollow chase creating an architectural boxout in the dining room which aligned with my electric meter. I was able to run a conduit from the attic to basement within that chase, this eliminated the visible exposure of the vertical conduit from solar panels to exterior mounted meter box. CertaSun poked a pipe from this basement junction box directly outside to their equipment mounted next to the electric meter. While I installed this hidden conduit for their use, I am sure that Certasun could install pipe hidden in this manner (given a similar situation in your house) and it would rightfully be an added charge, but IMO well worth the ask. The sales and installation process was great. There were some slight delays in some communication. However, it was not TOO delayed and I chalked it up to a busy office in a busy industry in the busy season. And frankly, I want my chosen vendors to be busy. Overall, I was VERY happy with our choice of CertaSun and I suspect you will be as well!

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Reply from Certasun: Hi Roody, thank you so much for your review and sharing your experience with others! We are so glad to hear that you are happy with the final look of your system! As you mentioned, we know aesthetics are important to many homeowners and we strive to make our installations - including conduit - look as good as possible on each home we work on. Thank you for choosing Certasun!

Sharif Riaz | Morton Grove, Illinois | 10/01/2023

Excellent service

Excellent serivice with timely installtion with cheaper rate than other solar energy providers.

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Reply from Certasun: Hi Sharif - thanks very much for your review, we're so glad to hear that you were happy with our team's service as well as your installation timeline! We appreciate you choosing Certasun!

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