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J | Merced, California | 03/08/2024

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I recently needed a modem in my inverter upgraded. The installers of my solar panels had gone out of business. I contacted APG solar and they were very helpful. Colby was very knowledgeable and ready to help with the maintenance of my solar equipment. When the technician Carl came out to work on switching out my modem, he seemed very knowledgeable and experience and got the job done quickly. I’ve been very happy with my experience in dealing with APG solar and would recommend them.

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Ramon Salinas | Atwater, California | 11/23/2022

When I started my search for solar, it came with a couple of unexpected surprises and costs. I started out with the typical searches on the internet and received dozens of calls and emails wanting to sell me solar. Most of them were southern California companies or even out of state where I discovered would sub- contract out to regional companies. During the home visit from one of the solar salesmen, it was brought to my attention that my HVAC system was aging and not properly functioning correctly that directly caused my energy costs to go up. This then affects how many solar panels that my system will be to avoid any true ups. On top of that it was also brought to my attention that my attic insulation was inadequate and that would need to be addressed in the near future. So, on top of solar I would need a new HVAC system and insulation, this project just turned into something that I thought was financially unattainable. APG Solar was the last of the companies to give me a quote due to the fact that I thought a bigger company would be a better choice due to the resources it has. The fact of the matter is, all solar companies will sell you on their preferred panel, or inverter or say they have the best finance companies in the market. It just comes down to doing your own research and finding the best for your home and finances. Darren Smith, the salesman for APG came by my house. I was honestly thinking of pulling the project due to the estimate quotes I had already received and that there was no way APG could match, let alone beat those quotes. It wasn’t until I gave all this information to Darren and expressed by concerns about the cost that I fully understood the value of working with local companies and the resources they have at their disposal. By the end of the meeting, I had local HVAC company scheduled for a visit and an insulation company that gave me a quote estimate. When all said and done, I got my solar, insulation, and a whole-house fan in a package deal where I was able to get the federal tax rebate on. The HVAC system needed to be completely replaced, I was able to get an amazing deal that literally cost half the price of other HVAC quotes I received, all by going with APG Solar. Installation was prompt on all parts, from start to finish. Everything was completed within 3 weeks. Finalizing all the paperwork with PG&E and building permits only added another 2 weeks. My recommendation is to do your own research and evaluate each company. Be open-minded and look at smaller companies that can offer you better deals. APG Solar was by far the best company for me and my situation. Darren is very helpful and stays in constant communication throughout the whole process even after everything is signed off to see if I have any questions or concerns.

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Bill at Lake Don Pedrp | Coulterville, California | 12/05/2018

APG Solar Review

11/14/2018<br /><br />Review of APG Solar<br /><br />I first met Dan Fournier at a Mariposa Butterfly Days fair. I thought I would just mention our home to him as a matter of conversation, I had already been turned down by two solar power instillation companies because I had a metal tile roof. I was surprised when he said he felt that he could install solar panels on my roof.<br />To make a long story short, I now have a very good solar panel system on my roof, thanks to the adaptability and perseverance of APG solar. Working with this company has been a pure pleasure.<br />After the job was underway, there were unforeseen problems that APG had to work out. The lead installer and manager, Coleby Jerner , was always willing to talk to me about the problems, and work to solve them. <br />Fortunately, I was able to meet Coleby's father, Brent, who started the company. Brent Jerner seems to be a man of vision who is passionate about the furtherance of solar power. In summary, I have to say that I have never had a better experience working with the staff of a company than I had working with the solar professionals at APG Solar. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking to save money and help the environment by installing solar panels. And, I might add, if you have a metal tile roof and have been told solar power cannot be installed on that kind of roof, give APG a call. Bill

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Happy with APG Solar | Ceres, California | 03/22/2018

I am so excited

Phase 1 done. I have purchased Solar, a whole house fan, and top efficient pool pumps from APG. Today they installed a whole house fan. It went so smooth. 2 workers Chris and Corey arrived right on time. We had a great conversation where they found my needs and helped me decide the perfect place to install it. It's called a Quietcool fan. It has variable speeds, a app controls the speed, run time and on /off from anywhere in the world. I can not believe how quiet the fan operates. Standing right under it during the demo I would not have believed it was on if not for the rush of cool air I felt, no noise! I have selected Solarworld panels and SMA inverters. Buying American and from a local company means a lot to me. APG Solar has an amazing reputation and I can see why. My sales person explained how I can save money on my system by changing my light bulbs to LED, installing the fan, and upgrading my pool pump to make my house more green and dramatically reduce the cost and size of the solar system I will require. Thank you APG!

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ABonifay | Atwater, California | 02/23/2018

Great work, Very happy!

All of the guys at APG did a wonderful job on my install. The process went extremely smooth, everything is neat and clean and working without any issues.

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Very happy | Merced, California | 02/12/2018

Solar for my new home

Worker worked hard. Kept my home and yard clean during the process. This was a brand new home for me with no useage history. Darren worked out what our needs would be and designed a system where we did not overspend yet covered our needs. Thank you

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nothotinheere | Atwater, California | 02/04/2018

Solar panel and whole house fan purchase

I recently purchased a solar system through APG. From the initial consultation to final install, I was very pleased with the them. Their rep Darren was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly to me, honest with the product, services, and costs. The install was smooth without any issues. Colby provided a lot of the follow up after install, and just like everyone else, he was a true professional. The entire company was a pleasure to work with. It's nice to be able to get this type of service and product locally.

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dcorreia | Merced, California | 01/22/2018

great service and product

great service from Darren and crew great product

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Spalpeen | Atwater, California | 07/25/2017

The right choice!

Solar for your home isn't like buying a pair of shoes that, if it's the wrong fit or doesn't live up to what you need, you can take back. It pays to do your homework and make an intelligent choice. Of course you need to choose between buying or leasing, but for us buying was the clear option due to our plans to stay in our home for the foreseeable future. After that you need to decide between the multiple companies vying for your money, of which there are plenty. We've had our system on our house for 2½ years now and we can't be happier. The system was designed perfectly for our use. The two true ups we've been through have resulted in our usage being just 70 kW over production the first year and 80 the second. For a home that uses 13000 kW a year that close is phenomenal. Not only that but after the install their service has only been what I would call exceptional. This past winter with the huge rain storms we had a leak developed in our kitchen ceiling. With solar panels above the leak area I called my salesman from APG since my efforts to find the leak and stop the problem didn't work. Despite the time since the install he remembered us and particulars of the installation and jumped on the chance to help. The next week they had a man out first thing to survey the roof and look for the cause. He suspected (correctly as it turned out) that the problem was the flashing around the fireplace, but still went through and recaulked the penetration points for the panel racks and some suspicious looking shingles. The next business day they had another worker come out who climbed into our very low and cramped attic while I sprayed water from a hose on the area. He found the leak as well as an unrelated problem that I had no knowledge of, taking videos of the sites where the leak was occurring. They have put me in touch with roofers who will remedy the situation, but with as generous as they are they may have well offered to take care of it, but I told them it was my responsibility. I have been only satisfied with my time with this super company!

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TimO | Atwater, California | 06/05/2017

Loving the nearly non-existent PG&E bills ..

We are on an acre with a well, lots of landscaping, with a pool and a family that likes to stay cool during the hot Valley summers. Our $600 summer PG&E bills are a thing of the past. We've had the panels for almost two years and could not be happier. David Daniels did an awesome job explaining the options and Brent Jerner and his crew did a professional installation. With the tax credit I figure the whole thing is paid for in five years or less.

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Roland Winston | 05/13/2017

Excellent service.

Excellent service. Very fine photo-voltaic equipment from sunpower. Came with the micro inverters.

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APG specializes in solar, battery, & backup power. We work on homes, businesses, and off-grid homes including RVs and houseboats. We are locals with a customer centered mindset. We have served Central California since 2005 and have a family owned and operated business model that is here to benefit our community as we grow.

“We believe our first responsibility is to our customer, without whom our business could not exist. We must provide the highest level of customer service in the industry, before and after the sale. We must be prompt, accurate and courteous. We must offer the best quality products available at competitive prices.” – APG Company Mission

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