What size solar system do you need?

One of the first things that most people ask about solar power is, "What size solar power system do I need to wipe out my power bill?"

This depends on a few different factors and there is no one size fits all option. Firstly, you need to get a grasp of the solar rebates and incentives that apply to your area. They are not all the same and differ from state to state, even county to county. You can click here to find out the rebates and incentives that apply in your state. Next you need to know how many kilowatt hours of electricity you use on average per day (in kWh). This info can be generally found on your electricity bill.

The next thing you need to know is how many kWh's of power do you get per day from each kW of solar that you install. The answer to this question varies greatly depending on your location. In places like Washington state it is as little a 3 kWh per day per kw of peak capacity whereas in California it is more likely to be around 4.5 kWh per day per kW of peak capacity. Click here to see system outputs in different locations. In states where there is 1 for 1 net metering it is easy to work out what size system you need because you need a system that simply produces the same amount of energy as you use in total.

If you would like some advice about what size of solar power system might be appropriate for your home use the quote form to the right to get in touch with some local solar power companies.

Find out what size solar system could zero out your energy bill

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