Are JA Solar panels a good option for home solar?


JA Solar Holdings Co. is a leading manufacturer of high efficiency photovoltaic solar panels, based in Shanghai, China with several global offices, including one in San Jose, California. They produce high-performance solar panels for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects. 

This review will focus on the residential solar PV panels available for purchase, detailing their specifics and warranty details.

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    What are the available JA Solar modules?

    JA has 60 and 72-cell solar PV modules to choose from. 

    The 60-cell panels are the ones to focus on because they are the panels used in residential settings, while 72-cell panels are used for commercial and utility applications. The residential modules are monocrystalline, half-cut cell panels. The efficiency and rated maximum power from the JA Solar datasheets are listed below. 

    Residential JA Solar panel models
    Model Efficiency Rated maximum power
    JAM60S20/MR 21% 390 W
    JAM60D10/MB 20.4% 350 W
    JAM60S10/MR 20.2% 340 W

    All of these solar panels are pretty much the same, with only slightly varying conversion efficiency and wattage. The higher the efficiency and wattage, the more power the panel can produce. 

    They do not vary to such a degree that it would make a difference if the 60-cell MBB Half-Cell Module was on your roof versus the 60-Cell MBB Bifacial PERC Half-Cell Double Glass Module; either option will provide enough power for your home. 

    How much do JA Solar panels cost?

    The cost for individual panels can be difficult to determine because a lot of factors can change their pricing, such as local installation prices and costs to ship the panels to the installation location. 

    The cost of JA solar panels is not easy to come by. But, as of August 2021, the average cost per watt for solar panels is $3.00. It is safe to assume that JA solar panels will be slightly below that price because they are manufactured in China, making their cost to build low. 

    The best way to find pricing for JA solar panels is to get a commitment-free quote from local installers who use them in their solar installations.

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    What is the JA Solar warranty?

    JA Solar offers a 12-year product replacement warranty and a 30-year panel output warranty. Both of these warranty periods are longer than the industry standard (10 and 25 years, respectively), as well as those of solar panel manufacturer competitors like Q CELLS, Trina, and Panasonic, who typically only have a 10-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty.

    If after 30 years your solar panels are producing less than 82.5% of the original power output, the warranty will be honored. JA Solar does need to verify the decrease in output as well as any other product defects, but regardless it is a great warranty option that can make you feel at ease when investing in solar panels. 

    Module and cell technology - what makes JA Solar different?

    ja solar 60-cell MBB Half-cell ModulePictured: 60-cell MBB Half-cell Module. Image source: JA Solar

    JA offers half-cut cell and PERC (or mono PERC) solar panels. Half-cut solar cells make solar panels more efficient; the cells are essentially split in half so that if one half is shaded or experiences malfunctions, the other half of the panel can continue to generate energy. 

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    Additionally, all of the JA residential solar panels utilize PERC technology. PERC solar panels have an extra layer that captures more of the electricity-generating photons hitting the solar panel so that those photons can be turned into more electricity. 

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    Having both half-cut cells and PERC technology make JA Solar panels have extremely high efficiency. An efficiency rating of above 20% is generally considered very good, and all of their modules hover around 20-21% efficiency. In fact, JA Solar panels are so efficient, they’re listed as one of the most efficient panels on the market. 

    Do we recommend JA Solar panels?

    Yes, we recommend using JA Solar panels for your home solar panel installation, and they are even included in our list of top 10 recommended solar panel manufacturer brands. JA Solar panels are a great way to add renewable energy to your home. 

    JA Solar is a high quality brand with highly efficient solar panels that offers a great warranty, especially compared to other manufacturers. They have great customer reviews with an excellent review score on SolarReviews of over 4.5 stars.

    Unfortunately, pricing is hard to pinpoint online, so to get a quote, your best bet is to talk to local solar installers.

    Ultimately, the most important part of choosing which solar panels to go with is choosing your installer. A local installer with good reviews that has been in business for at least a few years is your best bet. They will be there to help every step of the way from the installation, to years down the line if you need help with your solar system. If they use JA Solar panels, it is because they find them the most practical, trustworthy option and you can trust their recommendation. 

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    Key takeaways

    • JA Solar offers many residential solar panel options with high efficiency ratings ranging from 20%-21%.
    • JA Solar panels are half-cut cell panels, a technology that increases their energy output. They also utilize PERC technology.
    • JA Solar offers a competitive warranty and has great customer reviews to uphold their reputation.
    • JA Solar panels are among SolarReviews’ top 10 solar panel manufacturer brands.
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