Zeeshan Hyder

Content Specialist

About Zeeshan Hyder

Zeeshan is a solar journalist who has long been passionate about climate issues and developed a deep interest in solar power after witnessing its successful adoption in Australia.

He has previously worked as a journalist for a major news organization, covering energy, climate, and environmental stories, among other topics.

He also served as an organizer for the Pakistan Youth Climate Network, an advocacy group aimed at raising climate awareness among students and future leaders.

His other work experience includes several years in the humanitarian sector - with Doctors Without Borders - and in nonprofit communications.

Zeeshan earned a B.A. from Middlebury College, Vermont, the birthplace of the 350.org climate movement.

Articles by Zeeshan Hyder

Comparing battery backup options: whole-home backup, solar generators, and UPS’s

Whole-home backup, solar generators and UPS's - there are more battery backup options than ever before. Here are the best in each category.

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Residential solar panels cost and savings in Arizona in 2024

An accurate breakdown of solar panel savings in Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff based on APS electric rates and the cost of solar panels being charged by the best local solar companies in Arizona.

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Commercial solar panels: Costs, benefits & best installers

In this guide to commercial solar panels, we explain to you the why and how of taking your organization or business solar.

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Understanding the 100-watt solar panel kit and its uses

It's smaller than a regular rooftop module, but a 100-watt solar panel is portable, easy to use, and has many practical applications.

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All about Solar Roadways: the promise versus the reality

We were promised cost-effective smart roads that could light up, melt snow, and produce immense amounts of solar power. Was it all too good to be true?

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Solar panels for apartments & renters: your options

Live in an apartment or rental home? Worry not, you can still go solar! Use one of these easy methods to harness clean solar power and save money in the process.

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