Review for SunPower

DJ Recon Van Nuys, CA

Fell short every year and takes months for a service call.

Installation went fine but it was clear the first year that it wasn't producing near what they quoted. So much so that they came out and added more panels. That increased production but still fell short every year. They also told me I should never clean my panels, which i later learned wasn't true. Every time i cleaned them there was close to a 10% bump in production. But even with cleaning them every 3 months, i still never had a year of getting what was quoted. The biggest problem with them is two fold. 1. Their system doesn't notify you if it's offline. Mine was off for 6 months and i had no idea. I only learned it was off when i was using the app at work, comparing production to a friends system. 2. It took 3 MONTHS for them to send someone out to fix it, once notified. Very frustrating.

System size (kW): 5.2

System price: $8,000

Who installed your solar panels?: REAL Solar

Year installed: 2012

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes

SunPower reply 01/20/2023
DJ, we appreciate the review and understand your frustration. We would be happy to investigate this further on your behalf if you would provide us with your account information. If you would like to discuss this further please email us at We look forward to talking to you.