Review for SunPower

Fred O Prescott, AZ

SolarOne Sunpower system is great

Our system was made by SunPower, installed by SolarOne and activated last month.  Most days it supplies more energy than we use, hence we expect to earn a credit most months.  The "My SunPower" monitoring app shows it is producing exactly per design when the weather is clear.  This app is very especially because our utility, APS, has been underreporting our solar generation.  (There may be a problem with their electric meter.) The electricians routed the wiring through crawl space so it is not visible. The electrical boxes were painted to match the house.  And they installed a 240V outlet in garage for charging our EV. SolarOne is a first class company with competent employees who are pleasant to talk to.  The SunPower equipment works well. 

System size (kW): 3.24

Who installed your solar panels?: SolarOne Energy Group

Year installed: 2022

SunPower reply 06/28/2022
Fred, we appreciate the feedback and review. It is wonderful to read you are enjoying your system and receiving exceptional service every step of the way. Thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!