How to increase your sales conversion rate from solar leads

Once you have found a good lead source then the task becomes to increase your conversion rate from that lead source.

Here are the key things you can do to increase your conversion of solar leads into solar customers:


The first thing to do is to try and contact the consumer quickly. Large solar companies try and have their call centers call new solar leads within 2 minutes of receiving the leads. The idea is that if they are searching for solar right then and there they are in a receptive mood to talk about it. Who knows if they will be in an hour, a day, or a week.

If you are a smaller solar installer that does not have the dedicated resources to do this then you may be better to buy exclusive leads. Exclusive leads are leads that are only sold to one installer. The obvious advantage of these leads is that it is not such a race to contact them but it is still good practice to make contact as soon as you can. However, as noted on the Exclusive Solar Leads Page often customers entering their details into a lead generation form that is going to only one installer will also enter their details into other lead generation forms and so sometimes you can still end up competing with quite a few installers. Where this is the case quick contact is still important.


Look for solar lead sources where the lead generator does not sell leads to other lead generation companies. Unfortunately for solar installers the largest lead companies in the market will often sell their leads to 2-3 installers plus one other Lead Generation Company. This other Lead Generation company may sell their lead to a further three installers and this is why sometimes consumers can end up being called by 8 or 9 solar companies. This can be avoided by seeking an assurance from your lead generation company that any lead sold to you will not be sold to any other Lead Generation company or lead aggregator.


The third thing to note is that obviously knowledgeable sales staff and a well priced offering will substantially increase conversions;


It is also important to try and make contact with the consumer up to five times. Consumers will seldom return sales calls and messages left, they see it as the salespersons job to contact them no matter how difficult they make it. Even for small installers it is important that you try two or three times to make contact otherwise you will find that your competitors are getting better conversions out of a lead source than you are. This may in turn lead to you dumping a lead source that could have made you money and helped grow your business.


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