Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the website?

SolarReviews is owned by Solar Investments Inc, a Nevada-based company with its main office located in Denver, CO and satellite offices in New Jersey, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

How does ensure its reviews are genuine?

SolarReviews employs reviews auditors to make every effort possible to ensure that the reviews on our website and genuine and accurate. It is impossible to completely remove the possibility of solar companies writing false positive reviews on themselves, or competing solar companies writing false negative reviews on other companies; but we make every effort to do so.

We use a number of technologies to minimize fraudulent reviews and ensure the reviews you see on SolarReviews are an accurate reflection of the experiences genuine consumers have had with specific solar companies. We do not publish the tests so as not to educate those wishing to misuse the system.

Does SolarReviews allow solar companies who get bad reviews to hide those bad reviews?

No, we don't. You can see this from the fact that some of the largest solar companies in America have bad reviews on our site. It doesn’t matter who you are, your genuine reviews score (good or bad) will be shown on SolarReviews.

Many other reviews websites such as Yelp do hide certain reviews for commercial reasons, but SolarReviews does not do this.

All reviews that are received and that pass through review audit are included and visible on a solar energy companies profile.

Does SolarReviews allow solar companies to pay them to be listed at the top of search results?

No. SolarReviews does not allow solar companies to pay an amount of money to be listed at the top of search results.

Does SolarReviews weight more recent reviews more highly?

Yes, the SolarReviews reviews ranking algorithm takes most notice of recent reviews. This is why sometimes a company with more reviews or a higher reviews score may be lower than a company with fewer reviews and a lower reviews score, because the latter company may have had more recent reviews.

Solar companies do tend to come and go and so this is why we think more recent reviews should carry more weight.

Why does SolarReviews show solar companies that don’t have an office in my city?

SolarReviews shows companies in the solar companies directories that we know service an area — even if they do not have an office there. There are many solar energy companies that service large areas using third-party installation crews and a centralized sales office.

We provide details of their head office and their nearest office to your location. It is up to you how much weight you want to put on a solar company being truly local.

How does SolarReviews make money?

As stated above, we neither accept payment from solar companies for higher ranking nor for hiding bad reviews.

Our sole source of revenue is that approximately 1–2% of the people that use SolarReviews will wish to get competitive quotes from solar companies. If and when they elect to do so these solar companies pay us a small fee for this lead, usually between $18–$98 depending on the location.