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Updated: 30 October 2023

Installing solar since 2018

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Latest good review thumbs up

Michael Johnson | Tempe, Arizona | 01/23/2023

Joseph was very knowledgeable and super friendly he help my family and save $120 off my electricity bill.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Derrick | Norristown, Pennsylvania | 11/23/2023

Worst decision I ever made

Believe ALL of the low rated reviews as I have experienced just about everything everyone complained about as I had my panels installed in July of 2021, and NO my system is still not operational. I have received about 3 reimbursements and now I just get the runaround about waiting for an approval that never happens. I can go on and on giving account of my horrific experience with this company but as I said before believe all of the other bad reviews. The only thing I haven’t experienced is my system not generating enough energy to cover my bill but I guess I will find out if and when my system is ever turned on. So I’m basically paying double for my electric bill for over 2 years. RUN RUN RUN as fast as you can and save yourself a lot of frustration and anger. Definitely seeking legal advice, this is just not fair or good business practices.

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Screwed over | Hewitt, New Jersey | 10/30/2023

Rip Off/Frauds

Sales Team lies or are ignorant (which I discovered after the fact). Panels installed in early August 2023 and not yet operating. Why? They did not get approval from the town (install is illegal) and did not submit plan review to local utility. Customer service is non existent and when you get someone they are clueless. Never get a call back. I have submitted complaints with the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs, BBB and have engaged an attorney. Discovered that the State of Connecticut is suing them for all of the issues that I have been subjected to.

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John Sargent | East Haven, Connecticut | 10/19/2023

Referral bonuses

I referred to customers to Vision Solar at the end of last year this year both installations were complete and they’re up and running and I’m still waiting for my two referral bonuses, I’m told that there’s a delay because they don’t have the funds to send out the bonuses and my bonuses were expedited by a manager. This is very own professional and unacceptable

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WILDCHILD | Tempe, Arizona | 10/13/2023


Signed contact Jan7, 2021... And as of today, October 13th, 2023... System still isn't HOOKED UP Run on the opposite direction as FAST AS POSSIBLE- TO get away from this Company. 34 months of Lip Service- NO RESULTS OR ACTIONS COMPLETED. CONTACT yr electric vo for their approved Solor Installer Companies. DON'T deal with a fly by night company like Vision Solar. Have over 50 phone numbers I've called since panels installed April 2021. And over 100 people names in file. THEY DON'T FOLLUW THROUGH. PERIOD.

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John | Stamford, Connecticut | 10/05/2023

No Vision

The single worst consumer experience I have ever had. It is impossible to speak with anyone at this company who can actually help finish the project. Contracted in Nov 2022 and they still are not done. No correspondence to let you know what the status is. Tree work is part of their scope of work and they leave it to the end and do not do it. Incredibly frustrating process

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Sam | Phoenix, Arizona | 09/26/2023

Worse solar company. Stay away from Vision Solar

Everyone listen and believe all the 1 star reviews. This company is horrible and their customer service is trash. They came over 6 months ago and installed the panels and yet today they still haven’t turned them on or anything. An inspector came to look at the system and he told us that they had to replace the wires because they were too small and they put the wrong breaker and they have to replace that too. That was 2 months ago and till this day they haven’t came to replace the wires or nothing. We’ve been calling weekly and daily asking to speak to a manager but we hear nothing. They say the same thing that you need to wait a couple months for the panels to actually work and gather enough energy. Our neighbors got panels a week before us and theirs started working 2 weeks after they installed it. Also since they’ve installed them, we had to pay monthly payments for them and we are not getting any power. They have been horrible when we speak to them, they have so much attitude and are rude to their customers. Stay away from this company. Go see a different solar company if you want to have solar panels because Vision Solar is terrible.

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Renalvoodoo | Palm Beach Gardens, Florida | 09/18/2023

Horrible Customer Service

I was excited to have solar panels installed. It took awhile for the permitting to approve everything ie 10 months. I looked at the electric bill and there was no reduction in the bill. I asked Vision solar to look at the installatoon. They say everything looks good on their end. Then asked for an electric bill to do an analysis. I have since sent them two electric bills, photos of the installation and have called weekly. I have asked to have upper management be involved and notified. No one is coming to my house to look at the installation. The solar panels are creating energy but not going to my house. I think they installed it incorrectly and sending energy to my back up generator. They sold me on customer service. That was their strength. I think they are growing too fast and are understaffed. The initial installation was a year ago. I have been paying the monthly loan payment for four months. I am not getting a reduction in my electricity bill. I am not getting anyone from vision solar to return my phone calls or come to my house.

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Beware of Vision Solar | Pocasset, Massachusetts | 09/15/2023

Vision Solar-lying, scamming, thieves

I wish there were negative stars. First, Vision Solar did not get my signature on the 40k of solar panels they sold the elderly co-owner of my property. Second, the day they tried to install the panels the plan was completely wrong and it had to be reconfigured several times. Third, after numerous tries to configure the system on an ordinary roof, the panels sat inoperable from March until late August (despite numerous phone calls) when I finally contacted the Better Business Bureau to tell Vision to get the panels off the house. They refused. Instead they came and tried to fix the problem-only they made no appt. I awoke one weekend to several workers climbing on my roof without permission. Now the panels still sit inoperable, not inspected. They promise they will call to set up an appointment and they don’t. They send shady looking people who just walk on your property uninvited at odd times and say things like, “do you have solar panels?” without any introduction, no appointment, no permission, and no knowledge of who the customer is. Who does that? DO NOT let this company install anything on your house. Look at the BBB for their awful rating. There’s a support group on FB just for victims of this company. Take a look at the stories of leaking roofs, panels that don’t operate, shady sales and financing, lies about tax credits and state class action law suits. I have contacted the Attorney General and will be forced to sue them shortly if they don’t remove them. This company is full of scammers and the people who work there should be ashamed of themselves.

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Cynthia Michener | Clermont, Florida | 09/12/2023

I feel the sale staff was unethical in their sales pitch.

After multiple calls, I was told to contact Not able to locate this site to register my complaint. The salesman made sure to inform me that if I ever replaced the roof that their company would need to remove the panels since they do not belong to me. Never once did he tell me that I would be responsible for the $200 per panel charge to have them removed and reinstalled after the roof was replaced. Was informed that I need to notify the company and receive an invoice and pay the $3,000 before anything could be started. The savings I was suppose to received from having solar panels has been non-existent. I wish I had never had solar panels installed.

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Ivo | Lakeland, Florida | 09/06/2023

Stay away from Vision Solar

Took forever to finally get it turned on, daily calls to keep them going. A couple months in, system breaks down, no feedback on what was fixed and no documentation whatsoever. Broke down two more times and you keep waiting for service. Got roof leaks on top of it, same game, you report, someone is supposed to contact you, never happens. Also be aware of the sales guy!!! He will tell you that before you have to buy any electricity from your service provider, you consume what you fed into the grit first. Incorrect statement because you feed in for a minimal amount BUT you purchase your own electricity at a 300% upcharge during peak hours, which is between 6-10 in the morning and 6-10 in the evening. Feel free to not use electricity while the whole family is at home. Vision Solar has terrible business practice and service. You could easily end up paying for your Electric Service Provider and a 50K solar system which does not work.

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Vision Solar Sucks | Aston, Pennsylvania | 08/08/2023


This company is horrible and filled with liars. From the first meeting with their sales representatives until my solar was finally turned on (more than a year later) I was lied to at every single step of the way. Even today, I learned the salesman lied to me again regarding the federal incentive program (rebate). Solar panels are great, but this company is horrible. From start to finish I was lied to over and over again, I had to do most of the work myself and became a mini expert. On multiple occasions I had to call this company 15-20 times a day just to get a response. I had to deal with my HOA and PECO myself in order for the panels to get turned on. PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE and RUN RUN RUN far away from this company.

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