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Evan Arntzen | Richland, Washington | 11/08/2022

Solgen was well organized and responsive. I asked for and received a pre-visit with the job foreman and electrician to work through some important details prior to the install.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Andrew Steiner | Post Falls, Idaho | 11/15/2023

Terrible communication and customer service

Solgen made a lot of mistakes throughout the process and demonstrated terrible communication and project management. My panels were turned on 6 months after the estimated completion date. Solgen also did a roof replacement in December, and after stripping the old roof off, they left it exposed in the snow and rain for a month. This resulted in water seeping into the attic. Throughout the process multiple people from Solgen kept assuring me that the company would give me credits to make up for all the mistakes and delays. Once the process was completed they did a 180 and decided that they weren't going to do anything to make things right with me and my family. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. Overall it was a terrible experience.

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Carol L Jenkins | Elma, Washington | 09/19/2023

It has been 3/2022 since we started this process. Lied to from the sakes rep and the county has jerked around because they don't like dealing with Solgen. If interested in going solar, look somewhere else.

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Jesse2020 | Salem, Oregon | 08/14/2023

I used to work for them I quit as soon as I could.

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Carlos Bolivar | Rio Rico, Arizona | 08/09/2023

don't waste your time

Installation tech good. but when you need help because of you system under performing... no support at all. will not even try to help. Zero knowledge. all they said is that is performing as spectated. and is the middle of July where the day are longest, but your panels can barely produce 3.5k at the middle of the day. and they will not acknowledge the application they install for you to see your the daily production behavior, you can send them a screen shoot of of what your are seeing; their response will remain the same. we have no alert, it is working as spectated. nothing else.

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Ezequiel Salazar | Tucson, Arizona | 07/29/2023


Hoy 29 de julio, 2023. En Tucson Arizona, 108 west 34 th Tucson Arizona...Tengo 3 años que está compañía vino a mi casa... a ofrecer me paneles de sistema solar. y el primer año estuvo trabajando bien, ya tengo 2 años batallando con ellos, llamando por teléfono, al # 1 (855)709-1181 ni me escuchan. Que los paneles no trabajan bien. Hoy 29 de Julio, 2023 recibí mi bill de la Electricidad $290.00 dólares. Del mes Junio/ 2023 mi casa es de 3 recámaras. Casa chica no grande. Voy a tener que llevar a está compañía a la corte, no voy a estar pagando mensualidades por un sistema solar que no trabaja. $16000.00 dólares. No te escuchan en el teléfono , te dicen el sistema está trabajando bien. Sin mentirosos. No manda a ningún técnico a tu domicilio, para decir que el sistema está trabajando. No recomiendo está compañía a nadie. Gracias por tu tiempo. No permitas que te engañen.

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Will | Kennewick, Washington | 02/16/2023

Lack of communication from sales to installation.

I told my sales person i would only go with it as long as I could get my roof, solor panels for current and my business that I was starting and more power/amperage to the house for the business. He said that was not a problem. Sales person also said i would eat the entire tax credit my first year. Roof was installed great. They only installed enough panels to cover current output and did nor instal the added power/amperage needed even after they said they would make it right. I am now being told i will need to pay out of pocket for the additional power and panels. (Between $15k & $20K) and this is now drastically hindering my business.

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Paul | Othello, Washington | 02/02/2023

Solgen is the worst managed busines, that is still in business

Solgen is a joke! They sold me on solar and agreed to a design. They came back a month later with a different design, that I didn't want but accepted. Then sent out installers with yet a 3rd design that I rejected. It took 2 more months to get back to an agreed design that still generated the original design. Then came the odyssey of the electrical. 1st configuration of electrical would not pass code. I offered them a remedy that they rejected. 2nd attempt was also rejected by L&I. After 5 attempts, I am still waiting for Solgen to contact the L&I inspector to come out for re-inspection. Throughout this ordeal, I dealt with approximately 10 to 15 DIFFERENT people. Hardly Ever had the same person respond to an email or phone call. Hopefully I have saved someone from this dispicable company. I should add, the Electricians, all 8 of them that I dealt with were professional and pleasant to work with, this wasn't their fault, it was all MANAGEMENT ISSUES!

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Virginia Hernandez | Pasco, Washington | 01/03/2023


When Solgren first came out and sold me on the solar panels I was given wrong information. First of all I Asked three times "so I don't have to pay the electrical company any money from here on out" Three times I was told "NO". Later I found out that I was still going to have to pay the utility company for their meter. Second, I not only have to pay meter but I have gotton two bills during November and December, 2022 for $60 and $81. I called about them coming out to check my solar system. They said something about not being connected to the internet and thought they had fixed it until the following month I received the second bill and called again and they have not been out to check the problem again. It's been two weeks now. Now the staff is saying that sometimes depending on the weather or the production it could be more. I'm actually spending more then I was when I was just using the electrical company. Now I am also paying more monthly on solar system. They didn't tell me I'd have a lean on my house too! Do your research. I hope this helps someone not fall into this mess that I am in. Not saving anything spending more!

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Whew! | Seattle, Washington | 12/11/2022

A bit shady financial process

They gave me a bid and approved a loan at 2.9%. I thought this was pretty good and went ahead and signed the contract prior to being contacted by another installer who gave me a second bid. The second bid came in $18,000 less than Solgen. When I complained that I was being over-charged, I got an updated bid that was $18,000 less at more than twice the interest rate (6.9%) within about 2 hours. When I tried to get the interest down to what was originally proposed, they told me to contact the lender (Mosaic) directly. When I did, they had no record of my pre-approved loan. Thankfully, I was able to cancel the contract.

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prh2022 | Spokane, Washington | 12/03/2022

The only good thing? At least I'm not alone....

Wanna get robbed? Go with Solgen. That should be their motto. System got installed seemingly ok. During the height of summer I found out that the system failed 3 weeks after install in March. No one called. No one notified us. The techs came out and "fixed" it. I asked what the panels were outputting. They told me and I informed them that it was significantly lower than what my contract was signed for. They agreed, were stunned at my expense, shuffled their feet, and left. I paid at least double what this system (if working properly) would cost from any other company. DO YOUR HOMEWORK, DON'T BE INTIMIDATED BY THEIR SLIMY SALES PEOPLE. Once you do, I guarantee you'll go with someone else. The only "good" aspect to all this is seeing that I'm not alone in my experience.....unfortunately. Hard to believe that "people" run this company.

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Sarah T. | Ridgefield, Washington | 10/11/2022

Technicians no call/no show, cause damage, no responsibility

They came to upgrade our panel on 09/07. Left a huge hole in my wall for over a month. Did not install whole house GFCI, installed oven fuse in that space instead, it fried my oven and inspector won't sign off on panel for over a month. Solgen blamed the power company for turning the power back on (even though Solgen called them and said it was ok to turn on). Taking no responsibility, even though that electrician texted us to say that "Inspection won't pass unless everything is labeled so everything that was labeled is the same but I threw in a couple names that weren't labeled so I wouldn't trust it 100%." Yet somehow it's not their issue. Roof has not been completed, over one month. We've had multiple scheduled times for people to come out and they never show. We've had multiple times when no one was scheduled and the come with no warning.

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