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caseysmayl | Tijeras, New Mexico | 03/16/2018

Multiple quotes from 5 companies & TONS of research

We got a 10.2 KWh system installed. I got 2-3 quotes from 5 different companies, including Sun Power and Affordable solar. I am an Electrical Engineer, so I was not easy to work with and I did a TON of research comparing the different companies and technologies. Mark (the CEO) was very patient and gave me a all research and data that I asked and then some. He went above and beyond to get our business. The inverts they use are definitely superior to the micro inverters used by the other companies I got quotes from. <br /><br />All of the other companies I got quotes from seemed to have a less than honest approach to their sells pitch, starting out at extremely high prices then coming down a lot on their second and third quotes. Not the case with Solluna. A fair, honest quote the first time and very little reduction in the overall price after much MUCH negotiating.<br /><br />Solluna solar's quote was about %20 below the other companies. For that savings I can probably replace all of the solar panels on my roof (myself) in 25 years and still be below the price of the other companies. If you are considering solar panels and you are lucky enough to live near this company then I will tell you what I have told my friends and family, call Solluna Solar.

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Sunny Review | Santa Fe, New Mexico | 10/30/2017

A Sunny Review

We chose Sol Luna Solar to install our 4.8 KW system in southern Santa Fe County in the summer of 2014 because:<br /><br />1. They provided us with a complete package starting with our first meet and greet with owner Mark Johnson, all the way through to going live and supplying the completed required paperwork to claim the solar credit on our Federal and State tax returns. All we had to do was write checks to Sol Luna Solar when invoiced and attach their paperwork to our tax returns.<br /><br />2. We didn't have to deal with subcontractors, PNM, local building officials, or the required paperwork because that's all part of the Sol Luna Solar complete package. Sol Luna Solar did everything in-house, so nothing got behind schedule because a sub was tied up on another job.<br /><br />Other companies we talked with, prior to our appointment with Mark, sent a sales person first, who then had to meet with the owner of the company or the local manager of a nationwide company, who then had to talk to their subcontracted electricians, installers, etc., who then had to come out, confirm the site as chosen by the sales rep and make all the necessary calculations. Scheduling and project completion dates were vague pending the availability of their subs.<br /><br />Mark, on the other hand, during our meet and greet gathered all the information he needed for Sol Luna Solar to make a formal proposal. Before he left our house, he determined the best site to maximize production. All he had to do after he returned to his office, was run the numbers and prepare the proposal. We had Sol Luna Solar's proposal within a few days.<br /><br />3. Sol Luna Solar goes above code. If local code requires x and their experience for a certain part of the job tells them x+ is better, they will do x+ even if code doesn't require it.<br /><br />4. Sol Luna Solar gives good value for the price they charge. In addition to the three previous items, Sol Luna Solar's years of experience have enabled them to know which companies manufacture the most productive and durable panels and supporting equipment compared to the price charged. On a dollar proposal to dollar proposal basis, they were more expensive than some of the other companies we talked with, but on job to job basis and what was included in their price, Sol Luna Solar provided better value to us.<br /> <br /> 5. Sol Luna Solar cares about their customers and maximizing their customers' solar production. They don't go for the cheapest panel or supporting equipment that gives them the highest profit margin. They want the longest-lasting, highest-producing systems for the price paid.<br /><br />Even though we'd only been in New Mexico since late September 2013 and had limited electrical use data as PNM customers, Mark managed to size our system to maximize production based on the information we had and the sizing restrictions PNM imposed.<br /><br />At the time we were considering solar in 2014, there were concerns as to whether: (1) the State of New Mexico's solar fund would have enough money to pay solar tax credit claims through the end of 2014 or beyond, (2) whether Congress would renew the expiring Federal solar tax credit, and (3) how much more PNM was going to reduce what it gave solar customers. We decided it was better to have a slightly undersized system that received current PNM credits and that could be partially paid for by State and Federal solar tax credits. The amount of solar tax credits we received along with PNM's REC credit were larger than any electricity savings that would be generated by a slightly larger system installed down the road where there were none of these credits. We couldn't have afforded the system without the State and Federal tax credits.<br /><br />After our first meeting with Mark Johnson, we cancelled the initial and/or the follow-up appointments we had with other companies. Mark Johnson was our solar guy and Sol Luna Solar was our solar company.

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jhands6 | Santa Fe, New Mexico | 09/21/2017

The best! What great people!

The only company that was willing to complete the project from start to finish without hassle, including all electrical work, coordinating with the electric company, permitting, and inspections. They made it so easy. The other solar companies wanted more money and wanted me to hire my own electrician to upgrade my electric service.

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Bumpskier | Taos, New Mexico | 07/13/2017

The Absolute Best

Mark and Zack Johnson and crew installed our residential solar system consisting of 29 panels in one day. The job was done with total professionalism and has worked flawlessly since day one. I got two bids for this job and they were $7k less than the competition. I wouldn't even bother to seek another bid and just get these guys to do the job. Total professionals!

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egauna | Albuquerque, New Mexico | 03/09/2017

Very good in state company

A friend of mine in Taos recommended this company to me after I was complaining about a bad negotiating experience with an out of state company that wasted a lot of my time. The folks at Sol Luna Solar were refreshingly different. During the sales phase, I got straightforward information, no high pressure sales pitch, and solid advice on the type of system that would work for me. They told me up front that there would be a few months wait before installation, and the delay turned out to be a bit less than that. They did all the paperwork on the regulatory end, and walked me though what I needed at my end. The installation went well, first the electrical phase, then the installation. It all worked so seamlessly, and since then they have monitored my system. A few times (due to my switching modems and routers), they let me know when my monitors were not recording, and also let me know that PNM was receiving the information from my system. Throughout all of this process, my questions were answered promptly. I have discussed my Sol Luna Solar experience with a friend of mine who elected to go with another company, and who had difficulties with delays and the company not getting the permit applications in on time. Thus, I feel lucky that I went with Sol Luna Solar and have not had any reservations in recommending them. Plus, they have a really cool name.

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HondoHeights | Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico | 02/24/2017


As a designer, I am by no means an easy customer to satisfy. I was planning a large ground-mount array and interviewed several companies before committing to Mark Johnson and his team at Sol Luna. I did so because I felt that Mark not only possessed a solid understanding of the solar business but was also willing to give me the time prior to the sale to work through all of my questions, concerns, and options. <br /><br />Chief among my concerns were the logistics of getting the job done by the end of the tax year (to qualify for the 30% tax credit) and on a piece of abutting land where the closing kept being delayed. Finally, in mid December all systems were go. His crew could not have been a more skilled or a nicer group of guys. They knew their business inside and out. They accommodated all of my wishes including being beyond-the-call-of-duty skid-steer respectful to all of the neighboring pinon and juniper. They disturbed very little land beyond that which was absolutely essential to install a 36- panel ground-mount array. They did a beautiful job on the new electrical service and the coordination of all required inspections and local utility modifications. All under a tight deadline, threatening snow, and typical northern NM December conditions.<br /><br />Now, I look at my system with great pride every day. It's a work of art and generates all of the clean energy I need to power my home, including heat. Sol Luna remains in communication with me and have been prompt to work out the one or two minor kinks that we had experienced. All told, could not be happier. Thank you Sol Luna!

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Reply from HondoHeights: Unequivocally.

Happyinnm | Los Ojos, New Mexico | 02/18/2017

Very pleased

Mark Johnson and his company completed a PV 10 panel system at my home in November, 2016. I have been pleased with all aspects of installation and advice Mark gave me. Everyone did a professional job right, the first time around, which counts for a lot with me. The system is reliable and straightforward. Production on even partly cloudy days in winter exceeds my expectations. The roof of the garage on which the panels are mounted does not leak. The NM chief electrical inspector carefully described his inspection of my system and gave a full pass to the system on the first inspection. For the number of panels, Solluna solar offered the best deal. None of the 3 contractors I had initially asked for bids from had a sealed battery available as of late 2016, although all recommended a state of the art sealed battery. I find that a snobrum roofrake specially designed for solar panels is a must in my climate.<br /><br />There was some back and forth with Mark just before installation. The plan all along was to move to a hybrid solar system as my small electrical coop struggles with a lot of power outages. Initially, Mark suggested I get a simpler non battery connectivity inverter. But then Tesla came out with an announcement that they would be manufacturing a sealed 14 kWh battery with a inverted included- the powergen 2- starting January 2017. The issue in question was whether to buy an inverter compatible with a battery or not, as Tesla seemed uncommitted as of late October 2016 as to how they would handle inverters for established system owners. On Mark's advice I went ahead with an inverter that is battery compatible as we both figured Tesla would have to make some accommodation for established PV owners. I put a deposit down on a powergen 2 at the end of Dec and have not yet received one. This addition, which I hope Tesla will allow Sol Luna Solar to complete, would make my system perfect.

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Signe Lindell | Santa Fe, New Mexico | 02/14/2017

Signe Lindell

Complete satisfaction! Always on time, completed job in a timely manner and did all my rebate paperwork. Great service great product. I am very committed to buying local, keeping money in our local economy - Sol Luna Solar allowed me to do just that. Oh yeah, they left absolutely no mess.

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WPS2001 | Santa Fe, New Mexico | 09/06/2015

Sol Luna Solar review

Very well organized, responsive, and professional company. Installation went very smoothly and system is operating perfectly. We are already producing an energy surplus and will be receiving rebates.Very satisfied and would highly recommend!

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Jim Bender | Taos, New Mexico | 07/06/2015

Thermal System

We had a thermal solar (hot water) system installed at our home in Taos in 2009. Mark and his team did quality work and were very responsive when issues arose. The payback on a thermal system is not as good as on a PV system but we are very happy we installed a thermal system and waited on the PV system until panel prices came down.

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Jim Bender | Taos, New Mexico | 07/06/2015

PV System in Taos, NM

Mark and his team installed our PV system in 2011 and it has exceeded every expectation we had. The sizing was perfect and our monthly production has been consistent without any downtime or maintenance issues. With the net metering and ITC, the financial benefits are a no-brainer with a very short payback period on our investment.

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Sol Luna Solar is ranked nationally among the top commercial and utility solar installers. We're proud to be a New Mexico business with national recognition!
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From design and permitting, to installation and final inspections; our customers receive all-inclusive solar installation service. No hidden fees, no surprises, and no worries!
Sol Luna Solar is locally owned and operated in New Mexico. Our team has deep roots here. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our team consist of licensed NABCEP installers and Journeyman Electricians.

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