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Updated: 19 February 2020

Installing solar since 2015

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Scott | Orem, Utah | 02/16/2022

Solid, honest company

We had our solar installed summer of 2020, during the pandemic. We wanted a reliable, long-lasting, honest company to work with and PPS was our choice, even though we had a few bids for less money. It was a low pressure sale and we were happy to hear the personnel are electricians so they can do other work when solar slows down. They got it installed in a reasonable amount of time and we were happy with the results. Fast-forward eighteen months and I noticed from the enlighten app that one of the panels was not producing electricity. I called PPS and they immediately contacted the company and arranged for a replacement micro-inverter and installation all under warranty with no cost to us. With many other companies I am sure I would have been trying to hunt down support and hope the company didn't go out of business. Kudos to PPS.

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PPS: The best. See my Jan 2017 | Pleasant Grove, Utah | 02/19/2020

Electric Contractors doing Solar Not $$$ guys

Progressive are the best. Most Solar co. are marketing biz $$$ guys that "learned" to do solar. I called a factory that makes solar brackets. They said Progressive is best. . . Any others they recommend: Nope! They installed mine fast [ 1 day ] and beat the Power Co. rate change in 2016. I was on the roof with 5 guys. 3 were licensed Electricians. Been great to work with since

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SKT | Provo, Utah | 07/09/2018

PPS installation

PPS really deserves the highest rating. My installation was complicated because I had existing panels from a previous install. Comparing PPS with the first company was like night and day. PPS was competent, knowledgeable, easy to work with and worked out all the details with the local utility. I will definitely use them again when I decide to look at batteries. The install crew was great and professional. I can't say enough to commend them for the install. Cudos to PPS--they are the best!

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Sheldon C. | Salt Lake City, Utah | 06/20/2018

Loving the Sun

PPS has been awesome to work with. We had a few issues with a bad panels soon after the install was completed. Ben noticed the drop in our draw and had a crew out the same week to get it replaced. We have been on solar for over 3 years now and everything works perfectly.

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Retired Eng | Lindon, Utah | 03/02/2018

A hidden Jewel,

Progressive is much more interested in giving great professional service then in advertising. ALL are licensed professionals, totally focused on the work (not the promotion). For my job they quoted exactly the same panels, converts etc as the best large company, for a lot less.

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CBWV | Farmington, Utah | 06/28/2017


Progressive Power Solutions came to my attention after I had made a decision to go with another installer. I am so glad I called this "one more company". Any change like this is big, it was the biggest expense/investment outside our home we had made. That said, I was so happy with their approach to the technology, their time in business, their technical expertise, and their follow up service. There have been some minor issues with the equipment, mostly the device that displays what is happening, not the panels or inverter themselves. PPS has been patient with my calls and questions, quick, and responsive. I strongly recommend anyone looking into solar explore what PPS offers. I was especially glad about the battery backup storage that allows power generated to be used in the event of an extended outage. No other company offered that ability within a reasonable overall cost.

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Reply from CBWV: Give them a call!!!

Gary Wall | Pleasant Grove, Utah | 01/16/2017

"The BEST"

Progressive Power Solutions "PPS" was recommended by a solar parts manufacturer. They were totally right! <br />Many Solar installers are a bunch of "bean counters" out to make a million. They use high pressure phone or door to door sales. PPS is a quality electrical contractor since 2008. Cecil is an Electrical Engineer that flew back East to pass a National Solar engineer test: NABCEP. Their own crew that installed my system were Master Electricians - rather than just "guys with a hammer ." I have a college degree in construction and know quality work when I see it. After the system was up and running - and paid for- Norm was still great to work with. / / A friend worked for a big company (that also sells alarms). A lady called him, as her alarm couldn't be silenced. He asked his bosses and they said "Sorry we can't help her" [She still had to pay her monthly bill] / / Also, the largest Utah solar company shut down their previous company so they wouldn't have to support those old customers. / / PPS included an internet site to monitor our KiloWatt hours generated: Enphase Envoy. PPS is the best, run by "Real People"

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Nagin | Orem, Utah | 10/10/2016


extremely pleased with our choice of company & workmanship. fast & friendly!

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Vector | Sandy, Utah | 09/16/2015

Office Building in Sandy UT

PPS installed 40 panels on my office building roof as well as 30 panels on my home. Their design was efficient and the whole team was very professional. I checked around and their fees were very competitive as well. I would highly recommend them for any commercial or residential application.

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Kadams25 | American Fork, Utah | 09/11/2015

Great Monthly Payments and Quality Products

This company was great in providing financing plans as well as recommending the best Solar World panels At the best price compared to other companies I had give me a quote. I've had the panels for over one year and they have worked flawlessly. Great installation team and the company stands behind their work with the best warranties. They also do not adjust the price once you receive the quote. I paid exactly what I was quoted. The company has been responsive and very helpful.

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3dogzisenough | Orem, Utah | 09/11/2015

Thrilled with our solar panels!!!

Progressive Power Solutions is without a doubt, probably the finest solar company in the state of Utah. Although it is not the biggest in the state of Utah, it is certainly the best. We were totally impressed by the quality of the panels and their warranty, the total workmanship, and the fact that the workers were well-trained, looked like professionals, obviously knew what they were doing, and always left the inside and outside of our home spotless. We decided to do the battery back-up in addition so that we can be independent of the grid IF (in reality, WHEN) it goes down. We have had this happen a number of times already. We own our system outright, unlike some companies that come in and set up the solar panels that they own, that the homeowner will never own, and that the homeowner will always have to pay for--never receiving the tax credits that are earned. We received a very sizeable credit towards not only our state taxes, but also our federal taxes that resulted in a net amount of about a $15,000 refund. Many companies provide more inferior quality panels. Progressive Power Solutions provided us with the state of the art, high quality panels. We have seen our monthly costs drop down to as low as $9.03/mo from an annual cost of at least $4500 currently, with electricity costs continuing to go up annually. We will recoup the cost of the solar system in about 5-6 years. We recommend this company to anyone who is serious about installing solar panels that will reduce their electric bill. The awesome thing is that, even if the homeowner cannot afford to do everything all at once, the battery back-up can always be added later on. We sleep so much better knowing that the food in our freezers and refrigerators will never be lost due to a loss in power. We are thrilled that we did business with a #1 solar company. And yet, their pricing is almost always better than many of their larger competitors. Quality is number one with this company. We highly recommend them. You have nothing to lose by simply calling them for an estimate.

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Reply from 3dogzisenough: Call for a quote--you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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