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Isaac B | Grantville, Pennsylvania | 03/15/2024

Excellent install and always helpful

Bill and his employees were always very courteous and knowledgeable. Greenway handled all of the paperwork, inspections and the like, and were always entirely transparent about scheduling. There was some hiccups during my install the caused a slight delay, but I commend Bill for being proactive and transparent during the process, which brought me a lot of comfort. Lastly I want to add just how helpful and personable Bill has been, even after the install; he seems to always be happy to take any questions or concerns.

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Jim | Lebanon, Pennsylvania | 01/27/2024

In 2022, we converted our home heating/cooling to a mini split heat pump system and then added a set of solar panels to offset the added electrical usage. After getting several bids, we chose Greenway Solar for the Solar Installation component of our project. Will Stahlman and the Greenway Solar team were professional and provided great feedback in terms of sizing and siting the project. The Greenway Solar team installed a 16.28 kW ground mount system and it has been working great. Our home is now essentially "Net-Zero" including our home heating/cooling, basic home electrical usage, and in addition we are charging our Chevy Bolt from this system. Note that we did have to upgrade the Met Ed Transformer as part of the project. I would highly recommend this company!

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Mark | Grantville, Pennsylvania | 01/25/2024

Excellent Install

Bill's install of our system was top notch and quality and appearance are above reproach. I am very inquisitive, knowledgeable, and detail oriented. He assured me I would be satisfied with the installation and took care of all zoning issues, setup, and questions. His team was very safety conscious, knowledgeable, and friendly. I've had no problems in two years, and am on track to pay off in 7 years of 25 year warranty period. I could ask for more!

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Craig | Denver, Pennsylvania | 01/19/2024


Bill and his team at Greenway installed our solar system this summer at our home. Between the knowledge of how their solar panels worked and professionalism when installing everything, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

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Miss Pam | Landisville, Pennsylvania | 01/12/2024


William and his crew were always professional, courteous, prompt, and very knowledgeable about their product. They did their best to be efficient and not “bother” me when working. I got a system with a battery and it has been fabulous! I only pay my electric company a very nominal fee each month, about $16! So far the product has worked flawlessly! I really like the app where I can monitor what my system is doing. I got solar so when the power goes out I still have power, only happens if you have a battery backup. So I highly recommend Green Way Solar!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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T Smith | Pine Grove, Pennsylvania | 12/27/2023

Knowledgeable, Helpful, Excellent System for a Great Price

I highly recommend Green Way for your solar system. Will from Green Way always returned my calls or emails quickly, efficiently, and with knowledge and care. Out of six quotes, Green Way provided the best price per kwh of energy. In addition, Will has a knowledge of the local laws and codes, and knows who to contact within the building code departments to expedite the process. Green Way provides local labor who are knowledgeable and work diligently. Some companies that I had quotes from were from out of state and thus the labor was not local and their time to begin installation was much further off. Below is my solar story. This was our third solar system that we have installed in the last six years. Although we knew what was available five to six years ago, we knew that solar technology moves along quickly, so we began to research what was now available in solar. We started with five quotes for a new system while simultaneously doing a lot of research on panels and what was now available. We found a youtube channel from Julian Solar Consultant who looked at all of the available panels and compared them scientifically like we would. We also did our own additional research and comparisons. After lots of research, we decided on the new REC panel. This panel is great in low light, has a low temperature coefficient (absolute value), a great efficiency, and has one of the lowest degradation percentages over time. Also, their quality control is so great that they have very few panels that fail. After settling on the REC, we found that none of the companies that we had quotes from were certified installers of the REC panels. As a result, we would not get the free extended warranty. I looked on REC's website for certified installers and found Green Way. The first thing I did was to look up Green Way on Unlike many of the other solar companies, Green Way had no complaints and was rated A+ on Better Business Bureau. I then contacted Green Way. I am so glad that I did. Will at Green Way gave a quote for REC's panels. He also gave a quote for a lower priced panel as well to give me another option. Will provided a local source, unlike all but one of the other companies. I like supporting local companies. Also, I figured (correctly so) that a local company would know the local building inspectors and local regulations better than a nonlocal company. My previous two systems were Enphase microinverters. I was skeptical of SolarEdge as it was different than my other two systems. After much more research on SolarEdge vs Enphase, I found that both were fine. Because the inverter is so important to the system, I opted for the extended warranty on the inverter for not much additional cost. Will provided a great price as well for both panel options. I put together my own spreadsheet for cost savings and included effects of the panel degradation, efficiency, and temperature coefficient. I calculated that although the REC panels were significantly more expensive than the other panel, I would break even on the added cost within five years and anything beyond those five years I would be much better off with the REC panels. Comparing the now six quotes which I had, Will gave the best price. He also offered local labor, which helps our local economy. He also offered an expertise of working with local officials. Because he is a certified installer of the REC panels, we qualified for the free extended warranty on the panels. Will was excellent in getting the paperwork through for the system. He hand-delivered the paperwork directly for the building permits. He knew the people to contact, how to contact them, and how to quickly get the system approved. After it was approved, Will's team showed up and worked tirelessly to get the system up and running. Judy was the lead on the team and did a great job. As a woman PhD scientist, I appreciated that Will had a female lead. After installation, the inspectors came and the system flew through inspection with no challenges or hiccups. The very first morning after the system was connected was a very foggy, winter morning in the mountains of Pennsylvania where I live. I couldn't see six feet beyond our balcony due to the heavy fog. Even an outline of the sun was not visible. Yet at 8:30 am in late November and heavy fog, our solar panels were producing three times as much energy as we were using at the time. As the day wore on, the panels generated more. We also began to run other appliances and our energy uptake increased, but I was just amazed with how much energy was created even in the heavy, morning, winter fog with the REC panels. It has now been five weeks since our system was connected to the grid. We have had no challenges at all with the solar system. There were many complaints listed on the Better Business Bureau with the other companies. We made the right decision to go with Green Way. We also made the right decision to go with the REC panels. Green Way found out that our metal roof had waves in it, so they had to customize the racking system for our roof. Even with that customization, the original price quoted by Green Way was the exact amount that we paid. There were no hidden costs or added fees. Everything went as smooth as silk. Sincerely, Tammy L Smith, PhD

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Reply from Green Way Solar: Dear Mrs. Smith, Thank you very much for the thoughtful, comprehensive review of our services and for sharing your selection process for choosing inverters and solar modules. I am sure many of our future customers will benefit greatly by learning from your methods and the helpful comments you have provided. Thank you too for being a 5-star customer! Sincerely, The Green Way Solar Team

Kelley Engle | Tremont, Pennsylvania | 12/19/2023

Great experience with this company

Will and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with on this project. Will provided a presentation before agreeing to the project and it is clear he is very knowledgeable regarding the installation process, cost, and solar generation expectations. There was a delay in turning on the system but that was due to PPL having to come out and approve the system. We have had the system now for a year and are very pleased. Will monitors the solar panels (from afar using a web system) and even let us know when one of our panels was not producing enough energy. He and his team (George and Judy) came out and replaced the solar panel free of charge. Great service - I would highly recommend for anyone looking into solar.

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Leonard Hoffer | Mount Joy, Pennsylvania | 12/16/2023

Solar install in Mount Joy, Pa

Don't you like when a plan comes together? I know I do. I had called Green Way Solar and spoke to Will. He put a proposal together and we met at his Manheim office. I can be a visual type of person, so seeing some of the equipment at his office was helpful. If you go there check out the solar modules he uses for table tops. The meeting was very informative, educational, and personable, something that you don't come across that often. I was impressed. Once we decided to go with Green Way Solar, Will kept us in the loop of what progress was being made, weather it was an email or a phone call. No surprises, we knew what was going to happen next. When it was time to install the system, George and Judy, Will's employees, showed up and got to work. We have a metal standing seam roof to mount the REC solar modules to. No holes in the roof, just clamps biting onto the standing seam made by SnapNRack. The complete process of obtaining a solar array went smoothly. We are glad that we used Will and his team at Green Way Solar. They put my plan together. I wanted a solar and Will and his team made it happen. Just trust them and you will see your plan come together too. As of December 2023, it has been almost a full year of solar production of 15300 kwh. Will's estimate was a conservative 14000 kwh for the year. All is going well with the system, which is made up of 31 REC Alpha Pure 405w modules and a SolarEdge 11.4 w inverter. Will and his team have helped turn our home, which is 100% electric, into a net positive home, as we have only use 6000 kwh for the 2023 year. Thanks to Will and his team our electric bills are under $16.00 per month, which is a connection fee, and approximately 6700 kwh's banked with PPL from net metering. We also had 15 SREC'S, 1 for each 1000 kwh's production. It's a nice bonus for the solar production. Will and his team helped me and I am sure he and the team will help you too. Enjoy...

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Tom and Sue Alexander | Harrisburg, Pennsylvania | 12/15/2023

Outstanding Team to work with

We can't say enough about the knowledge and professionalism that Will and his team displayed from the beginning of our solar project to the end. We greatly appreciated their attention to every detail, no matter has small it was. Our system has been running flawlessly for 2 1/2 years and we are very pleased.

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Jesse Belsak | Jonestown, Pennsylvania | 12/14/2023


We were one of the 1st customers. I am completely satisfied with the install and follow up service that Will provided. Had an issue with reading the meter and Will spent extra time with no charge to fix the problem. My energy bill has been wonderful with the panels and additional plus is the SRECs.

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Reply from Green Way Solar: Thanks for your kind review Mr. & Mrs. Belsak! I show that you went live in July of 2020 during the height of the COVID outbreak. So glad we all got through that challenging time and glad your are enjoying your free energy from the sun! Sincerely, The Green Way Team

The Alexander Family | Harrisburg, Pennsylvania | 12/14/2023

Happy Solar Customer

On behalf of Green Way Solar and team, we have nothing but positive things to say. My husband and I met Will Stahlman when we asked his company to provide a solar installation quotation. Will promptly met with us and outlined a thorough and competitive quote within just a few days. He answered our many questions patiently and professionally and it was an easy decision when we decided to select his company for the solar installation. While on the job, we were immediately impressed with the energy and enthusiasm the Green Way Solar team demonstrated. We witnessed their passion, problem solving skills, and strong work ethic first hand everyday they were at our home. They were always respectful toward our property and treated us as they would a close friend or family member. These characteristics would certainly be something future clients would want when choosing a solar installer and we highly recommend Green Way Solar. After the installation was completed, Will was available for questions and provided detailed explanations of the SolarEdge monitoring application. We love watching the production graphs on a regular basis. We also love our PPL monthly cost savings and the SREC sale payments! Green Way Solar services far exceeded our expectations and we 100% recommend them!

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Reply from Green Way Solar: Dear Alexander Family, thank your for the kind and thoughtful words! We will certainly pass on to the entire crew! Best of luck with your system and don't hesitate to reach out if we can ever be of assistance. Sincerely, The Green Way Team

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Green Way Solar - Your Local, Custom Solar Specialists Since 2018, when quality matters, we've been offering custom installation work using the highest quality components specializing in rooftop and ground-mount solar installations. Your investment in one of our systems comes complete with manufacturer warranties, including LABOR of up to 25 years for solar modules, 25 years for racking hardware and up to 25 years on inverters* (*varies by equipment selection). You'll also be protected by our standard 10-year limited workmanship warranty. Investing in a solar system is a serious decision and you can count on our experienced team of local experts to design and install a system that will be the envy of your neighborhood, being both attractive and functional. All work performed is in-house with no sub-contractors. We are your neighbors and have experience installing on all roof types. In addition to asphalt shingle roofs, we specialize in metal roofs and can turn your barn, garage or pole barn roof into the system of your dreams. Have a flat roof? No problem, we have many non-penetrating options to choose from. If a roof top system is not appropriate, we have a variety of ground mounted options available. Have a large commercial project in mind, we can help! Give us a call and we can work to propose a solution that's right for you. Being local, we're your solar guide here to navigate the complex permitting, application and interconnection process required for a successful system installation. Our local relationships with PP&L and MetEd as well as our local township officials help ensure your project's success. You can also rely on us to clearly explain the myriad of financial incentives available to you including tax credits and SRECs, the incentive that will provide years of residual income that only an investment in solar can provide. We prepare REAP Grant applications and have a high success rate. And we'll be here for you after the installation too. Finalizing your system's interconnection into the grid, enrolling you in the SREC program, and helping you navigate your new online monitoring system is all part of your package. You can count on us for dependable post-installation service & support. Not sure where to get started? Give our office a call or send us an email at We're here to help you every step of the way!

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