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Updated: 25 March 2021

Installing solar since 2012

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JB | Lowell, Massachusetts | 01/30/2022

Best prices; no sales pressure; easy and enjoyable to work with.

Out of every installer I talked to, Brightstar offered the best cost per kW, per kWH, and per panel. I shopped around at 7 installers. Brightstar was the only one without high pressure sales tactics. They didn't call me on the phone constantly or try to bully me into installing their preferred products. Jon gave me recommendations, but ultimately let me choose what kinds of panels and inverters I wanted. The other companies have a lot of gimmicks and flashy guarantees to distract you and take advantage of what little you might know about solar systems - I never felt like I could trust them. Jon will just talk to you in facts and common sense. The install went smoothly and looks great. I'm completely satisfied with the result.

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Chris-in Walpole | Walpole, Massachusetts | 03/25/2021

Absolutely great post installation support

Brightstar worked closely with me to install the maximum number of panels, 36 we could put on my roof. We selected panels without the silver traces and black surround so the would be relatively unobtrusive. I have some shading from trees across the road but still make 10M watt/hrs/year. Since installation we had one of the 36 optimizers and an inverter fail - both replaced quickly under warranty and at no cost to me! Last week (March 21) I saw some intermittent inverter shut down that Brightstar were able to determine that the cause was utility voltage was out of specification. I also measured it as 130v that could be dangerous to electrical equipment in the 100s of homes on that circuit. The utility quickly verified this and replace their failed regulator. Good work Brightstar!

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Jon B. | Concord, Massachusetts | 05/04/2020

Superlative, personalized, responsive, and professional service!

~12kW system with a 10k inverter and 32x Solaria 370W panels. I had site visits from EIGHT different solar installers before downselecting to Brightstar for several key reasons. I could go on for many pages, but I'll try to summarize in my "top five" below: 1) "Owner/operator" small business model. Jon is on-site for installs & inspections, and Mona (his better half) handles permitting, design, and all sorts of behind-the-scenes legwork. They communicate seamlessly and rapidly, and respond professionally to individualized requests. You'll feel like you are their ONLY customer. Solar installs in Concord, MA are a red-tape nightmare if you're even remotely considering doing it yourself. The town's website outlines TWENTY-SIX separate steps that take place from design, permitting, installation, final inspection etc.......... 90% of it was completely transparent to me. Brightstar handled it ALL and we never missed a beat in the install timeline. 2) KNOWLEDGEABLE, yet understandable. There are a lot of technical nuances behind panel choices, layouts, inverter sizing, service tie-in, etc... they'll take all the time that's necessary to make you comfortable in your own level of understanding, and they'll get down to the details OR give you the "so what" Readers' Digest version... whichever you prefer. They are expert "translators"! 3) COST. They offered both LG and US-made Solaria panels and gave me a competitive quote. Cost per kW was second-best out of eight (by a small margin) but the better-looking panels and exceptional service are what ultimately pushed me to decide on Brightstar. Considering this was a $35k install (before rebates, thank goodness!), the <$1k difference was lost in the noise and it quickly became clear that I made the right choice. 4) QUALITY. The Solaria panels are GORGEOUS and POWERFUL. The installers and electricians that Brightstar uses are top-notch. I was closely observing their work and never saw them cut a single corner or take any shortcuts. They all worked as though they were installing this system in their own homes. 5) CUSTOMIZATION: I have a masters degree in engineering and I do nearly EVERYTHING on my homes myself, so to say I'm a "demanding" client when I have to bring someone else in to do work for me is an understatement. Jon and I had a lot of back-and-forth to refine material selection, array layout, inverter selection, wiring runs, and more... I am WAY more work to deal with than the average customer, but Jon never lost patience or tried to wave me off and say "don't worry about it, we'll take care of it." I felt like my voice was heard and my input valued at every step of the way.

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ELECTRON | Andover, Massachusetts | 02/06/2020

Professional Installers

They installed our 15kwdc system with no disruption to our life. Jon and Mona are conscientious installers who really care about the industry and promoting clean energy through thorough workmanship.

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Jay13 | Hopkinton, Massachusetts | 01/13/2018

Great Experience. Satisfied Customer

Jon and Mona are professionals and we are very happy we selected them for our Solar Installation. They spent a lot of time with us upfront explaining the process end-to-end and answering literally dozens of questions I had an were sensitive to our needs regarding aesthetics. Their proposal and plans were very detailed and on-point with what how the install eventually went. They also answered my questions post-install to make sure I was comfortable with how SREC-II and Aggregator would work etc.. I would recommend them for your residential solar install.

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Kiekie | Fitchburg, Massachusetts | 06/14/2015

outstanding company

I interviewed 6 companies and entertained their respective estimates. In a nutshell, there was Brightstar and then everyone else was a very distant runner up. Jon and Mona were ALWAYS accessible, extremely professional, patient, and understanding. Their crews were extension of their values and exemplified care and concern for our property. There are many options for residential solar, however there is only one voice...BRIGHTSTAR.

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John H. | Ipswich, Massachusetts | 10/16/2014

Strongly recommend

Jon and Mona were excellent to deal with. They presented us with a very detailed plan for our home. They were on time and always keep our General Contractor in the loop. They work well with other contractors and their work is neat and through. If you are looking at solar, you should definately give them an opportunity.

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Anonymous | Watertown, Massachusetts | 02/24/2013

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Anonymous | Walpole, Massachusetts | 02/23/2013

Jon & Mona were wonderful to deal with - they communicated everything clearly and completely and they take great pride in their work. I love that they are a small, family owned business, who do the work themselves and hire their own employees, rather than contract out the various aspects of the job. They set the bar very high for themselves when they laid out their proposal to us and they absolutely met the bar. I am very happy with the solar panel manufacturing company they used for our solar panels and would recommend them as well.<br />Jon and Mona have a complete understanding of the solar panel installation process, beginning with federal, state and local requirements and ending with working with the local utility companies and the SREC aggregators. They left nothing to chance and allowed us to rely entirely on their expertise and support from the first step in the proces to the last step and continuing today. I could not recommend BrightStar Solar any more highly.

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Anonymous | Sutton, Massachusetts | 02/20/2013

Jon and Mona from BrightStar were awesome to work with. I would recommend them to anyone who was doing a Solar installation. Top-notch and professional people.<br />Once again, BrightStar was very good to work with. Very trusting and professional folks.

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Anonymous | Millbury, Massachusetts | 02/12/2013

Very professional, knowledgeable and able to work effectively with other contractors to get the system installed, configured and enabled.<br />

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