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Cici Horrell over 1 month

My solar system was turned on this week with the help and guidance of AZ Sun Services. Their staff was very professional, knowledgeable, reliable and friendly. My first contact was with Roenic who gave me an overview of how solar works. I had many questions all of which he answered and patiently repeated when I didn’t understand, more than once. Most everything is done electronically these days (not my strong suit) and Roenic walked me thru all of it and without making me feel dumb. I am very thankful for his help. The other person I had the most contact with was Reyna who handled all the scheduling and miscellaneous things. She was very easy to work with and very friendly. All the workers that came to my home were very courteous, friendly and safety conscious. They came when they were supposed to and knew what they were doing. I highly recommend AZ Sun Services and their employees for all solar needs.

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lmayj, over 1 month

$30,000.00 for 24 ground mounted panels. The contract started out at $24,000.00. they kept getting more money from Mosaic, I was paying before they had done any actual work. They wanted to roof mount but were told they could not by the county. They wanted to cut holes in my roof to look inside to see what lumber my home was made of. Insanity. Terrible customer service, although some can be attributed to the Pandemic I feel like they just used my credit and drew out as much money as they wanted, like an open bank account. I asked several times to cancel both Mosaic and AZ Sun Services as they were confusing me with multiple contracts to "VeriSign". I was told they could not cancel. My original contact person, the one that sold me the first contract left the company after I first signed up for the solar. I did not even know this until months later and I had not heard anything from AZ Sun Services for months so I called when my account was charged for service's not rendered as they had started charging my account when I had nothing, not even a plot staked out on my land. When the actual installation began I was never contacted, people were coming onto my property without my consent or knowledge I would come home and things would be done wrong and no one was communicating at all with me. So unprofessional, as though no one owned or lived on the property. This solar installation took a year to be a working utility. After one month the inverter went out, dead. No one was monitoring it, when I signed into Solar Edge, something no one told me about or how to use, I noticed it had been dead for two weeks already, when I contacted Az Sun Services and Solar Edge it took another two weeks for the fix. I have been paying two bills since it was turned on in November, APS electric bill as well as an inflated solar bill. Very disappointing. On top of that the Mosaic company was double and triple billing me so I had to change my checking account, and no one could fix that problem as I still get a double bill some times. After all my troubles no one even had an explanation for the extra $6,000.00 they took from me. Not one real conversation about what a mess they made.

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$13,361 - $16,330

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14,780 kWh

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4¢ kWh

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21¢ kWh

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AZ Sun Services, founded in 2015, has one mission: offer customers superior solar solutions, services and financing. They believed then and believe today, there is no limit to the value they can add for their customers. Solar systems, utility programs, tax incentives and no money down purchase loan options can be confusing. AZ Sun Services can help you understand it all and determine if solar makes sense for you. If it does, they are happy to provide it. If it does not, they will be honest and explain why. Their expert advisors can show you how an AZ Sun Services system may give you solar electricity at one-third or better the cost of utility grid electricity. Every customer gets the AZ Sun Services' personalized Solar Study, with Utility Cost-Lowering Review and Answers to All Questions - a $495 value, FREE with no obligation. Please call to schedule an analysis today!

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