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Ofer Salter | Las Vegas, Nevada | 07/26/2020

Best solar installer contractor in town

I've been in the solar business for 11 years and know allot of people in the industry....I've chosen John with AAA certified to install solar on my home because he's the real deal...allot of companies has the license to install dosen't mean they know what they're doing...John and AAA Certified really understand solar...and can be considered an expert...including getting through the permitting process and net metering applications...which is an expertise on it's one dose it better and faster than AAA...they got a phenomenal office staff that really stays on your project and makes sure no time is wasted

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C hoop | Las Vegas, Nevada | 07/24/2020

Most honest solar company

I had a great experience with AAA Certified Solar during the sale and install process, they guided me every step of the way and answered all of my questions and went even further to tell me things I did not know, no one else worked that close with me to make sure I made the right decision.

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Rod S. | Las Vegas, Nevada | 07/22/2020

Quality Service Done Right!

Hassel free solar installation done right the first time at the best price ever. I've heard several horror stories about improperly installed solar systems and I was a bit reluctant. But AAA Certified Solar's process was fast and stress free. Best of all, my system is hardly noticeable and it works great. One year in and no issues only a lower energy cost. You can't beat that!

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Alan Steff | Las Vegas, Nevada | 07/21/2020

Finally Made The Jump To Solar - AAA is The Best

After years of looking into solar panels for my home and interviewing different companies, I was always hesitant to pull the trigger and just get it done. I felt most of the companies I spoke with were not honest with the figures or the things they were telling me, and after researching on the internet I was usually correct in my GUT feeling. BUT, AAA Certified Solar was different straight talk, solar education, answered all my questions, and had the best reviews of any company in Vegas. After speaking a second time with Johnnie Richardson, the owner, I knew these were the guys to get the job done and that customer service would be great. Johnnie explained to me about the future of solar and how he was in the process of modifying and innovating his website in order that folks like me don't even have to deal with a salesman, So Today I went to his site and sure enough he has an incredible system up and running; DIY Solar Propsal Amazing!. Keep up the great work AAA You will be highly recommended by myself and my friends.

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Dr. Kenneth and Monique Westfiel | Las Vegas, Nevada | 07/16/2020

I would recommend AAA Solar Certified above all companies in NV

During our initial interview AAA Certified Solar explained in detail the installation process from start to finish. This was our second residential system, we used Sunpower by Renewable Energy for our first home. Sunpower may be a large well known manufacturer but they didn't stand behind their installers work and they led us to believe they would honor the warranty provided on our contract. They provided us with the name of the installer so we felt safe because Sunpower was a large company. Sunpower's name was used but the installer was the actual owner of the company who installed the Sunpower panels. Long story short we were defrauded by the installer and Sunpower the manufacturer basically walked away. We learned the priority of your decision should be based on what installation company you want to use. If they are a good company they will use the best products on the market. Working with AAA Certified Solar has been a much better experience, from the beginning they went to extra lengths to make sure they designed a system that worked for us and would be best for our needs. They installed over 80 panels and they made sure the installation was esthetically pleasing, was the latest, cutting edge technology and the system served all our power requirements. They were fair on their pricing, they have been HONEST from start to finish. Their follow-up service has been wonderful. Working with AAA Certified has been a much better experience, we wish we would have met them before using Sunpower by Renewable Energy. We later learned there are so many solar companies that have opened and closed their businesses. After doing some research we found some of the same owners have owned multiple solar companies that have failed and gone out of business. AAA Certified Solar are connected to the community, they give back, they show up when there is an issue and they been under the same ownership and management since opening their doors. The owner has been in the solar industry for over 15 years so he has a wealth of knowledge in the field. Everyone we've talked too has spoken highly of the company which made us realize we were in good hands. After working with AAA Certified Solar it was like night and day when I compare them to our first nightmare experience. I feel comfortable to write this review because the larger companies can mislead you to think they will back the installers using their product. The decision of which company you choose needs to be based on who can you trust to provide a fair price, will complete your system and who will be available after to handle your service needs. It's been 2 years since we installed our newest system. AAA Solar has provided us with updated technology to enhance our system allowing us to track our usage. I can go on but I will close with they are trustworthy and they show up.

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Jeremy D. | Henderson, Nevada | 07/11/2019

Great Service, Would Recommend to Anyone

I contacted several Solar companies before choosing AAA certified. The price was good, and now that everything is installed and working, I'm very happy. About six months after installation, I was going to have a bird barrier installed around the panels. The technician noticed the glass on one of the panels was broken. I contacted John, and he said even though Solar World would not cover it, he would replace the panel. I understand he didn't have to do this, and I really appreciate it. This is a stand-up company.

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TIFFANY DeannT | North Las Vegas, Nevada | 07/01/2019

Great company with great customer service

I have been thinking about converting over to Solar for a while, I had heard some good things about AAA Certified, how they hands on, walk you through the process, always makes you feel comfortable about your decision

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MARILYN54 | Las Vegas, Nevada | 04/25/2019



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RevvThunder | North Las Vegas, NV | 03/14/2019

Great Job honest Company

I compared them with other solar companies and they were just better. And the were very knowledgeable andbhonest

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Bill & Annette Kurr | Las Vegas, Nevada | 01/27/2019

Solar System Installed

AAA Certified Solar company installed our Solar Panels on our home and we are very happy with the results. We found AAA Certified Solar to be very professional and a great company to work with. Everyone is well trained and easy to ask questions and get straight answers that you can understand. From start to finish we were very leased with what we got for our dollars - we were looking for a GREAT job and we got an OUTSTANDING job. After the Solar system was completed and turned on - WOW!! was all my husband could say - watching the electrical meters delivering electricity to the grid. Our Solar system is producing like crazy. My husband estimates the value of our home went up 50K plus which is great incase we want to resale. At the same time we are getting the benefits of lower utility bills. Sounds like a WIN/ WIN deal for us as senior citizens on a budget. Summer is coming and with it are those extra hot days - with our new system we don't have to worry about those high utility bills like in the past - what a great feeling. So glad we called AAA Certified Solar and got the job done.

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Meghan R.S. | North Las Vegas, Nevada | 01/04/2019

Great solar experience

Was extremely hesitant to try solar after being quoted well over 40,000 dollars. Spoke with representative Dave Hoover and was offered an amazing deal for more than half the previous prices quoted by other companies. I recieved a brand new pool pump and the panels installed in a timely manner, now my energy bill is less than half of what it was before. Solar is the way to go for a cleaner and much cheaper future!

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AAA Certified Solar has been installing solar power systems for over 5 years in Southern Nevada. We hire the most experienced engineers and technicians in the area. Because of their expertise they’re able to assess and trouble shoot any solar related situation. We customize each system and we use the most updated, best quality panels. There is no system too small or too big. AAA Certified Solar goes above and beyond what most companies will do to insure your system is working efficiently 365 days per year

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