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Jinko Solar panels: An in-depth review

How much can Jinko Solar panels save you?

As a well-established brand, Jinko Solar has manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and overseas that produce highly efficient and relatively affordable panels for homeowners.

Earning the #5 spot on our list for SolarReviews’ Best Solar Manufacturers list in 2024, Jinko solar panels truly live up to the hype.

We’re here to tell you why Jinko Solar is a reliable brand, provide insights on how they compare with other brands on the market – and if they’re a good choice for your home!

Key takeaways

  • Jinko Solar, one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers, is a Tier 1 brand from China.

  • Jinko Solar is ranked fifth-best (#5) overall by the SolarReviews solar panel scoring system.

  • Jinko’s Eagle line has a variety of residential solar models for homeowners to choose from.

  • New N-type technology has allowed Jinko to reach efficiency ratings of 22.53%.

  • The high quality and affordability of Jinko Solar panels make them an excellent value.

About Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar lacks the brand recognition of brands like SunPower or Panasonic. But make no mistake: Jinko Solar is no ordinary solar company.

Jinko is one of the largest global solar manufacturers with a reputation for high quality, accumulating impressive accolades over the years. The brand has consistently appeared on the PVEL Reliability Scorecard for the past decade, which speaks to Jinko’s high manufacturing standards. Jinko is also considered a Tier 1 solar brand by Bloomberg, meaning the company is in good financial standing.

Jinko has multiple manufacturing facilities globally, including in the United States. The Jacksonville, Florida, location has been producing solar panels since 2018.

Jinko solar panel cost

A solar energy system built with Jinko solar panels typically costs around $2.60 per watt. That means a 6 kilowatt (kW) Jinko system will cost you about $16,000 before incentives. For reference, an average solar panel installation costs about $18,000.

Compared to other Tier 1 solar brands, Jinko Solar is much cheaper without sacrificing quality or reliability. However, Jinko’s new Tiger Neo series uses newer technology and has significantly higher performance ratings than its predecessors, meaning they may be more expensive.

Remember that many factors can affect solar panel installation costs, like the installer you choose or the complexity of your installation.

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Jinko Solar panel models

Jinko Solar's Eagle G4 and Eagle G6 panels side by side

Jinko’s Eagle Series is the product line available to American homeowners. It includes two models: 

  • Eagle G4 

  • Eagle G6

Eagle G4

The Eagle G4 is a mono PERC module that uses half-cut cells and Jinko Solar’s “tilting ribbon” (TR) technology. This tech features a special round busbar, allowing more cells to be packed onto a single panel.

The 66-cell versions generate between 380 and 400 W of output, have efficiency ratings up to 20.96%, and are designed for residential use. There are larger 72-cell models for commercial installations, as well. 

SolarReviews expert take: The residential Eagle G4 is a high-performance option suitable for residential rooftop installations.

Eagle G6

The Eagle G6 Series uses N-type TOPCon solar cells. TopCON is the industry’s favorite new technology, increasing panel performance by lowering heat losses. Jinko’s 54-cell Eagle G6 panels have power ratings between 420 and 440 watts and impressive efficiency ratings of 22.53%!

SolarReviews expert take: The Eagle G6 panel is a good option for homeowners with limited roof space, as the modules are highly efficient. But that efficiency likely comes at a higher price tag.

Jinko’s overseas models. The Tiger series is Jinko Solar’s flagship line of solar panels and the place where the company tries out its latest solar panel tech. The Cheetah Series, on the other hand, is their budget line. Both of these model series are only available overseas.

Jinko Solar panel efficiency


Max efficiency

Industry standard

19% - 21%

Eagle G4


Eagle G6


In the U.S., the Eagle G6 is Jinko Solar’s most efficient panel, with a maximum efficiency rating of 22.53%.

For reference, most panels in 2024 have module efficiencies of 19% to 21%, with more and more brands crossing the 22% threshold.

The Eagle G6 has put Jinko towards the top of the list of most efficient solar panels. Jinko Solar got here by making large investments in R&D, allowing them to manufacture advanced solar cells. In the past, Jinko solar panels were known for their affordability and reliability - but did not boast particularly impressive performance specs.

Jinko solar panel warranties

Solar panel

Product warranty

Power warranty

Year 30 power

Eagle G4

25 years

25 years


Eagle G6

25 years

30 years


Should you buy Jinko solar panels?

Jinko Solar is an excellent solar manufacturer that has earned its place as one of the biggest in the business. Its high-quality panels perform well and come with great warranties. 

You’re unlikely to have any problems with your panels; not only is solar panel failure rare, but Jinko Solar panels are as reliable as they come.

Secondly, if any warranty issues arise, you can be confident that your claims will be honored. Based on Jinko Solar’s huge size and profitability, we expect it to be around for many years; the same can’t be said for many of its competitors.

Finally, there is the ever-important matter of cost: Jinko Solar’s panels are much cheaper than the priciest brands.

So, if you’re looking for a very reliable, high-quality brand that combines good specs with reasonable prices, then it’s hard to go wrong with Jinko solar panels.

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