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The True Cost of the Tesla Solar Roof: Pricing, Benefits, and Savings (2024)

A Tesla solar roof costs more than regular solar panels but includes a total roof replacement and 25 years of energy savings. Is the $100,000 price tag worth it?

Written by Catherine Lane

GAF Timberline solar shingles review: do they make the solar roof mainstream?

Roofing giant GAF now offers Timberline Solar Energy Shingles. Should you consider installing these instead of regular solar panels?

Written by Catherine Lane

Ergosun solar roof tiles: what to know about Tesla’s newest competitor

Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof tiles are officially available to homeowners in the U.S. How do they stack up against Tesla solar roof tiles?

Written by Catherine Lane

Solar shingles: should you go with Tesla or an alternative?

Solar shingles are a luxury solar option for homeowners who don't like the look of solar panels. What solar shingle brands are on the market besides Tesla? Our experts break it down.

Written by Catherine Lane