Latest Home energy articles

Electricity bills can be a huge expense. Understanding your home energy usage can help you reduce consumption and lower your home energy costs.

The Sense energy monitor review: Is it worth it?

Adding a Sense Energy Monitor to your solar installation can provide insight into how much energy you use, how much your solar panels produce, and more.

Written by Ben Zientara

Fossil fuels pros and cons

Fossil fuels have long been the way we power our homes, cars, and businesses. But, do the environmental and health issues they cause outweigh the convenience?

Written by Evan Nicoles

Solar heating systems and the art of minimizing electricity bills

Solar heating systems can slash your energy bill. We explain passive and active solar space heating so you can decide which is best for you.

Written by Jagpreet Sandhu

What is a peak sun hour? What are peak sun hour numbers for your state?

One peak sun hour = 1000 W/m2 of solar irradiation. The states with the highest avg. peak sun hours are AZ, NV, NM, and CA.

Written by Zeeshan Hyder

Introducing the solar pool heater, a low-cost way to heat your pool

Find out how the costs stack up between environment-friendly solar pool heaters and traditional gas or electric pool heating systems.

Written by Chris Meehan

What is Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), and why should you care?

Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE) is a way to help people compare the cost of two different ways of paying for energy over long periods of time.

Written by Ben Zientara

What is the most energy efficient space heater — and the best solar air heater?

Looking for something safe and energy efficient? There are now space heaters and solar air heaters that are great for a single room or smaller space.

Written by Andy Sendy

ecobee vs. Nest: Which is the best smart thermostat?

Both ecobee and Nest have some of the best smart thermostats on the market. But when it comes to ecobee vs. Nest, who will come out on top?

Written by Catherine Lane