Latest Home energy articles

Electricity bills can be a huge expense. Understanding your home energy usage can help you reduce consumption and lower your home energy costs.

The 3 best solar shed lights to buy in 2024

You can easily transform your shed into a solar shed by adding solar panels to the roof or by installing solar-powered lights.

Written by Ana Almerini

Home energy audits: what to expect and how much they can save you

A guide to home energy audits, including how much they cost, how you can perform them yourself, and whether or not they’re worth it.

Written by Catherine Lane

What is Google Project Sunroof?

Project Sunroof is a software developed by Google that allows homeowners to get general information about solar panel installations based on location

Written by Ana Almerini

What are solar windows?

Solar windows can filter sunlight through them and turn it into usable energy. While not yet commercially available, they are being heavily researched.

Written by Ana Almerini

All about the SPAN electrical panel: installation, cost, and more

SPAN is a smart electrical panel for your home. Learn how easily manage and control power flow for numerous appliances with SPAN today.

Written by Michael Cheng

Solar tubes: Everything you need to know

Solar tubes run from the roof to the ceiling, brightening your home with daylight. They are more affordable and efficient than skylights, and can really make a difference in your home!

Written by Dan Hahn

What are Time of Use rates - and when is electricity cheapest?

Time of Use rates change the price of electricity based on demand during the day. Electricity is cheapest when not many people are using it, late at night.

Written by Ben Zientara

How heat pumps reduce energy consumption and work with solar panels

Heat pumps are the key to electrifying your home's HVAC and water heating. They can be paired with solar panels and batteries to massively reduce emissions and change the way you use energy.

Written by Ben Zientara