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The 3 best solar shed lights to buy in 2024

Written by Ana Almerini

The 3 best solar shed lights to buy in 2024

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Adding solar panels or using a solar-powered light can transform your ordinary shed into a solar shed. Image source: Maine Solar Structures

A backyard garden shed is typically only useful as a storage spot for your lawnmower, but with the addition of solar lights, it can be so much more. 

Solar shed lights solve the issue of trying to navigate your backyard storage in the dark – while also taking advantage of the benefits solar energy has to offer. 

If you want a practical and green solution to lighting up your backyard shed – we’ve listed a few of our favorite brands in this article to narrow down your search!

Note: This is an unbiased review. We have no financial ties with any of the companies mentioned, nor do we earn money from affiliate advertising. The content of this blog is based on research and information available at the time of writing.

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Key takeaways

  • Installing solar panels on your shed or installing a solar-powered light fixture is a great way to extend the use of your shed.

  • It is easier to add solar lights or install solar panels than it is to wire electricity to your shed.

  • If you need more consistent power, a DIY solar array is the way to go instead of a solar-powered light.

  • Both solar-powered shed lights and DIY solar panel kits are relatively simple to install.

What is a solar shed light?

Solar shed light fixtures are a simple way to add lighting to your shed. The setup for most of the systems below is as simple as drilling a spot for the light, securing the panel, and then letting it charge up so the next time you need a light, the panel will provide enough charge to light the bulb. 

Some may argue that relying on solar-powered lights might not be ideal due to the small panels not being powerful enough to charge up on very cloudy days; they typically need constant direct sunlight to work best. This means that adding these simple solar lights might not be enough if you need to rely on power for extended periods in your shed. 

If that is the case, installing solar panels on your shed’s roof might work better for you (more about that later).

The 3 best solar-powered shed lights

1. Nature Power 20130 Hanging Solar Power LED - $28.71

Nature Power solar shed light kit

Image source: Amazon 

  • LED bulb with two brightness settings

  • Keychain remote control switch to power on the light

  • Adjustable pull cord length to work with any ceiling height

2. Jackyed outdoor LED Hanging Solar Shed Light - $29.69

Jackyled solar shed light kit

Image source: Amazon 

  • 6 remote control LED brightness levels and a waterproof plastic coating

  • Motion sensor light that turns on when it detects motion, so this also can act as a security light if it is placed outside of the shed

  • The solar panel charges the battery within the lamp, the lamp itself is detachable so you can have light wherever you need it

3. Kyson Solar Powered LED Lights - $37.99

Kyson solar shed light kit

Image source: Amazon 

  • Remote controlled-lighting in a bright white solar lampshade

  • Has an extension cord for easy installation on your shed roof

Is a shed a good place for a DIY solar installation?

While solar shed lights are great for providing power for short amounts of time, solar panel arrays are a better, more reliable option if you need consistent lighting that lasts. 

There are many DIY solar panel kits, like the ones offered by Grape Solar, that you can buy to install a solar array on your shed. These kits are available at Home Depot, Costco, Lowes, and Amazon. 

Person wearing a protective glove placing a solar panel down on a roof

Typically, the goal of a DIY system is to provide a full charge to a 12V rechargeable battery that then provides electricity. This is why DIY panels are best for smaller uses, like a shed. If that makes sense for you, get yourself a kit, and follow the easy installation steps.

Step 1: Lay out the included materials within your kit. You should have a panel and cables to connect the panels to a 12V lithium battery bank. You will need to purchase the charge controller and 12V battery separately. 

Step 2: Wire your panel and attach the wiring to the junction box on the backside of the panel, it should be inside a watertight box included within the kit. 

Step 3: Install the racking that is included within the kit to your panel. You will notice the holes strategically placed on the panel to screw in and secure the racking.  

Step 4: Position and install the panel on your shed roof. The panel comes with temporary “feet” that are meant as a placeholder for you to draw where the mount hole locations are. Once determining their location, remove the panel and drill the holes. Then, attach the panel using the hardware within the kit. 

Step 5: Complete the panel wiring by drilling a hole on the side of the shed to run the wire inside of it and to the interior charge controller. Then connect the wiring to the charge controller, red wiring goes with the positive, and black wiring goes with the negative.

Step 6: Wire the battery and inverter so that your interior lights can receive power whenever they need it. Lastly, install your interior lighting. 

If you have an electrical background or a knack for wiring and lighting, this process will be pretty straightforward and will be an easy installation. DIY kits are meant for people who enjoy a project and we recommend them for smaller projects like a shed, boat, or RV. 

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An entire house is a much more in-depth project that is best served by working with a professional installer.

Do DIY solar panels or a solar shed light make sense for you?

Solar shed lights are helpful when you need a source of power outside and do not have an electrical wiring setup to power what you need. Solar shed lights provide an affordable option to make your shed as usable as possible all year round.

If you want to install lighting in your shed to be able to quickly turn on and grab the tool you need, buying a simple solar shed light from Amazon makes the most sense. But if you use your shed as an extension of your house, adding a solar array to your shed roof is a great idea. 

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Written by Ana Almerini Marketing & Communications Manager

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