Michael Cheng

Content Specialist

About Michael Cheng

Michael is a content writer at SolarReviews. He has more than six years of experience in industrial manufacturing and legal documentation, covering electrical safety, large-scale infrastructure, and maritime legislation.

As a strong supporter of renewable energy, he uses a technical approach to deliver unique insights and content about solar.

Articles by Michael Cheng

Complete review of Harris Battery

Harris is an Ohio-based solar battery manufacturer and seller. How does their lithium ion battery measure up against competitors like LG, Tesla, and Generac?

Written by Michael Cheng

Should you install fiber optic solar lights instead of solar panels?

Fiber optic solar lighting uses natural sunlight to illuminate homes and cuts energy costs. Should you consider installing these instead of solar panels?

Written by Michael Cheng

All about the SPAN electrical panel: installation, cost, and more

SPAN is a smart electrical panel for your home. Learn how easily manage and control power flow for numerous appliances with SPAN today.

Written by Michael Cheng

Chilicon Power microinverters: Great products with big potential

How do Chilicon Power microinverters compare to Enphase's microinverters in terms of performance, cost, and warranty? Find out here.

Written by Michael Cheng

Are sodium ion batteries the next big thing in solar storage?

Sodium ion batteries are next-generation energy storage products. How do they stack up against lithium ion batteries, the longtime consumer favorite?

Written by Michael Cheng

A deep dive into FIMER inverters and solar batteries

FIMER is an increasingly popular Italy-based solar equipment manufacturer, but some of its products can be hard to find in the U.S. Is buying FIMER inverters & batteries worth it?

Written by Michael Cheng