Michael Cheng

Content Specialist

About Michael Cheng

Michael is a content writer at SolarReviews. He has more than six years of experience in industrial manufacturing and legal documentation, covering electrical safety, large-scale infrastructure, and maritime legislation.

As a strong supporter of renewable energy, he uses a technical approach to deliver unique insights and content about solar.

Articles by Michael Cheng

A deep dive into FIMER inverters and solar batteries

FIMER is an increasingly popular Italy-based solar equipment manufacturer, but some of its products can be hard to find in the U.S. Is buying FIMER inverters & batteries worth it?

Written by Michael Cheng

All about used solar panels: everything you need to know

A guide on how to purchase used solar panels for your home. Find out if second-hand panels are right for you.

Written by Michael Cheng

How to automate your home with the ecobee SmartSensor

The ecobee SmartSensor can pair with a smart thermometer or security system to keep your home comfortable and safe. Find out the details from cost to warranty.

Written by Michael Cheng

Should you take out a solar loan from Slipstream Energy Finance Solutions?

Slipstream Energy Finance Solutions is a national loan service provider specializing in home energy projects, including solar panels.

Written by Michael Cheng

Financing with Clean Energy Credit Union: are they right for you?

Clean Energy Credit Union is a financial company that specializes in solar loans. Are they the right loan company for you?

Written by Michael Cheng