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About Andy Sendy

Andy Sendy is a well-known and trusted figure within the solar industry with more than 15 years of experience.

His video reviews of the leading brands of solar panels and home energy storage batteries are a must-watch each year for both homeowners and solar industry professionals alike.

In 2021, an article he wrote about a clause in the Tesla solar panel rental contract caused Tesla to change this clause within days.

He was the founder of Solar Wholesalers, now the largest solar panel installation company in South Australia, has owned and operated solar projects in Japan, and is Chairman of Solar Investments, a company that publishes several of the best rooftop solar-related consumer education websites in America.

Andy has sat across the kitchen table with thousands of people who have considered solar. His background as a corporate lawyer and a financial analyst gives him a unique insight into the information consumers need.

His special skill is his ability to identify criteria that homeowners can use to determine the difference between good and bad solar companies

Articles by Andy Sendy

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The story of solar panels: how they were discovered, how they made it to our homes & how panel efficiency has jumped and the price dropped.

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Solar inverters: pros and cons of string inverters vs. microinverters

Microinverters are the most popular inverter type and are best for complex installations. String inverters are best for simple systems as they come at a lower price.

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How much do solar panels cost in Texas? See prices, rebates & tax credits

The cost of solar panels in Texas can range from between $11,000 and $14,000 after incentives for a typical 6 kW system. Calculate the cost for your specific needs here.

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How to understand and compare solar panel specifications

Solar panels explained: cells type, cell vendor, snow load, wind load, temperature coefficient, module efficiency, power tolerance, pmax and more.

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