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About Andy Sendy

Andy Sendy is a well-known and trusted figure within the solar industry with more than 15 years of experience.

His video reviews of the leading brands of solar panels and home energy storage batteries are a must-watch each year for both homeowners and solar industry professionals alike.

In 2021, an article he wrote about a clause in the Tesla solar panel rental contract caused Tesla to change this clause within days.

He was the founder of Solar Wholesalers, now the largest solar panel installation company in South Australia, has owned and operated solar projects in Japan, and is Chairman of Solar Investments, a company that publishes several of the best rooftop solar-related consumer education websites in America.

Andy has sat across the kitchen table with thousands of people who have considered solar. His background as a corporate lawyer and a financial analyst gives him a unique insight into the information consumers need.

His special skill is his ability to identify criteria that homeowners can use to determine the difference between good and bad solar companies

Articles by Andy Sendy

Compared: Solar panel warranty information for SunPower, LG, Panasonic and Canadian Solar

Your solar panels will last over 25 years. Be sure to choose a solar manufacturer that offers a top warranty & will be around to honor it.

Written by Andy Sendy

Tesla updates solar panel rental contract to make it more fair for consumers

We called for Tesla to update their solar panels rental program to make it more fair for consumers. Approximately two weeks later Tesla updated their contract accordingly.

Written by Andy Sendy

Are residential solar panels worth it in 2024?

Calculate if solar panels are worth it for your home based on your location, electric rates, roof type, electric use, rebates and tax credits, and the prices of local solar companies.

Written by Andy Sendy

Solar panel repairs and servicing: keeping your system working and what to do when it doesn't

Solar panels require regular servicing and occasional repairs to maintain optimal performance. Learn how to keep your solar panels in tip-top shape today.

Written by Andy Sendy

CPUC decision based on incorrect assumptions and will kill California’s solar industry

New SolarReviews survey shows that the Californian Public Utility Commission (CPUC)'s recent decisions to reduce payments to solar owners and tax solar homeowners will prevent 95% of people from installing solar.

Written by Andy Sendy

How much does a 6kW solar power system cost and how much electricity does it produce?

A 6kW system will cost $15,600 on average and produce between 400-900 kWh of power a month, which can cover most home electric bills.

Written by Andy Sendy