Aditya Gautam

Content Specialist

About Aditya Gautam

Aditya is a best-selling author, journalist, and scriptwriter. He also has several years of customer service experience in the energy sector. He is an ardent believer in the transformative power of solar energy and loves digging for new solar stories and trends. He is convinced that harnessing solar energy will soon be the norm around the world.

Articles by Aditya Gautam

What the Walmart solar panel fires tell us about solar safety... and about Tesla

Why are the Tesla/SolarCity solar panels catching fire? Will Tesla survive the Walmart lawsuit?

Written by Aditya Gautam

Solar panel insurance: A guide to home insurance for solar

Unsure of how solar panels will impact your home insurance? Here's what to expect when it comes to premiums, coverage limits and roof damage protection.

Written by Aditya Gautam

Solar paint: The next big thing in renewable energy?

Solar paint actually refers to 3 different exciting technologies: hydrogen-producing paint, quantum dots and perovskites. We explain them all in this blog.

Written by Aditya Gautam

Solar trees: Your guide to this fast-growing solar trend

What is a solar tree? Who should buy a solar panel tree? How do they compare to standard solar panels? Here's everything you need to know.

Written by Aditya Gautam