Review for Savkat Solar

Office location: 71 Dolphin Rd, Bristol CT, 06010

Jerry B. Burlington, CT

SavKat Battery Install onto Existing Solar Array - 5-Stars!!!

I have yet to have multi-day power outage since installing 2-13.5 kwh SunVault batteries. During winter months I leave fully charged since sun & possible snow cover will impede solar production, so a fail-safe for the long power outage possibility. Now that better weather is here and not worried about freezing pipes, I am running the batteries overnight to power the home. So far, has the SunVault system has been working great with balancing the battery, grid and solar production usage in the home. I use about 50% of the batteries (one battery) each evening and it is typically charged up by 11 am local time, a little later on the cloudy days (yes, arrays still produce). My system is sized enough to power home on all but the darkest days where the battery supplements. If we get multiple days of rain, then I'm back on the grid using some of the credits I have stored at Eversource after the batteries are 100% recharged each day. I have no idea when the SunVault system switches to battery from the grid and vice versa, no issues with any electronics in the home when it does and it works in the "normal" daily living space fantastically. I will update this review if my micro-grid fails during a multi-day grid power outage as it is my expectation the solar array will not be shut down so the house and batteries can use the produced electricity until the grid is repaired. This is the real reason I go the batteries as had a 2018 summer Tropical Storm knock out power for 6-days and it was sunny for 5 of those days but my solar array was useless without a battery system attached. Fingers crossed this works as promoted and promised. The staff was great at every process of the sales, install and post-install support process as there are always questions and weird things with electricity that sometimes needs a call. Thank you, Jordan, my install team and Kim for helping and teaching me about the system. SavKat is a local, family-owned operation that is simply the best, highly recommend talking to them before going too far into your solar planning.

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System size (kW): 7.85

Year installed: 2024