Review for Titan Solar Power

Office location: 525 West Baseline Road, Mesa AZ, 85210

Pam Apache Junction, AZ


April 24, 2024 Back in March of 2022 I was approached by a young man named Jacob Shreeve, who works for Titan Solar. My husband and I had been thinking about getting solar for many years and so I was interested in what the young man had to say. I told him of our interest and that we always liked the idea of having solar when there are power outages so we can still have electricity and also as a way to help the environment. Jacob said we would not only be powering our house on solar during the day but would have electricity if there was an outage. He also stated that after 9PM we would be on the SRP grid at a low cost of $0.05 per KWH. I asked him why we would need SRP if we are operating on solar and he said that it was necessary so that we would have a credit to our account for producing solar. He claimed that we would produce more solar during the day than would be needed and the rest would go back to SRP and be a credit on our account. He also stated that we would have a 25 year warranty on our entire roof, the panels, inverter and productivity as well as a Federal refund of $8,693 and $1000.00 from the state of Arizona and he gave me the name of a CPA (Stetson Kizzar) who is supposed to supply all the needed paperwork for our rebates and is now not answering or returning my calls. I did speak to him a couple of times prior to our solar being hooked up and he told me he would gladly get those documents to me. I gave him my email address, my phone number and a mailing address. I still to this day have not received anything from him. I was told the installation of the panels would be 45 days from the date of signing and it took 8 months of nothing but aggravation. Not long ago I received a call from Jacob who proceeded to tell me that he spoke with SRP and that they were going to cut my access fee in half. Originally it was going to be $32.99 per month but he was able to negotiate that down to $16.00 per month. With that $16.00 a month access fee and $0.05 per KWH my electric bill would only be $20.00 a month at most. Several times I told Jacob I was no longer interested in solar but he had ways of making you believe stuff that we later found out were just pure outright lies!! I recently spoke with a gentleman from SRP solar department who informed me he also had been told many lies by the same company to get him to buy solar. I started to ask questions about what I was told and come to find out that during peak hours I will be charged $8.18 per KWH not the $0.05 I was told by Jacob. Also my access fee is not the $16.00 told me by Jacob but $32.99. I also found out that our solar panels only generate power that goes back to SRP during the day and will not power our house during an outage. When Titan Solar finally did get around to the installation they said they had to have a different electric pole installed because the current one would cause the wires to hang over our propane tank. He told me he would pay for the installation of the pole costing $7000-$8000. Then he called me back later and told me he paid the $8000 for the installation. I think he was just saying that to make me feel obligated to him. When they finished installing the panel box for the solar, which by the way they drilled holes in my north facing side of my house and then removed it and put it on the west side, also did this with the solar panels on top of my house. They had put down the framing on the east side of the house and then moved it all to the west side of the house. Anyway, after they got the solar box installed they left a metal rod sticking about 2-3 inches out of the ground that I tripped over multiple times and eventually had to buy solar lights to place there so I would not fall and get hurt. They also left ground wire sticking up for a length of about 3-4 feet and above the ground 1-3 inches high right outside my kitchen door that I tripped over several times. I contacted them about this multiple times and they said they would fix it but they never showed up. I had to bury the wire myself. Jacob repeatedly told us that SRP would never be honest with us because they were against people having solar and would say anything to prevent us from having it because they were actually losing money on it. We did finally get our paperwork from Stetson but the federal rebate was not what Jacob promised us. He did not tell us that it was based on your income. He said it was a flat $8693.00 and it was not. We are not saving any money whatsoever and are actually paying more than we would be even if we were in the SRP budget plan. Our electric bill pre-solar in April of 2022 was $92.82. When our solar payments began the electric bill with solar payments went to $188.26. In April of 2024 with solar my electric bill is $50.04 but with the added solar panel payment it is $144.14. Absolutely a rip-off!! Jacob told us so many lies to get us to buy into solar and from what I understand this is a common practice among solar salesman. My husband and I are regretting our decision to go solar because of all the deception behind the sales, and the actual cost, but it’s done and I don’t know that we have any recourse. I would certainly hope that this is not an acceptable practice by any means. What happened to “Truth in Advertising?” It is my understanding that this happens to many people, even those on fixed incomes and it should not be allowed to continue and that brings me to my reason for writing to you today. I feel there must be something that can be done to stop the fraudulent sales of solar and ripping people off with their lies. If there are not laws preventing such deceitful sales then there should be. Please help me as I do not know who I can write to or who can help with this matter. Surely there is some way to stop this from happening to others

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System size (kW): 5.6

System price: $31,908

Year installed: 2022

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes