Review for NATiVE Solar

Office location: 201 Cole Street, Austin TX, 78737

Disabled Old Man Temple, TX

Buyer Beware: Read documentation and believe nothing verbal!

A simple system add on of 13 panels, inverters, wiring, racking & critter guard. Quoted time: 30 Days, with worst case scenario of 90. Actual: 6 Months and a couple of days. Quoted Price: $17,749.00 Actual: $18,044.00 Their Lender Credit Human * Fraudulent UCC1 filing claiming - All Title Right & Interest in all solar photovoltic equipment and associated components..... For the addition to a preexisting Solar system! Meaning they leaned my 20 panels and all components while only adding an additional 13 panels and inverters plus wiring, racking and critter guard. They came with zip ties to install the critter guard! In Texas? Those plastic ties would last one season two is blessed from above, certainly not a permanent installation. The appropriate permanent hardware was supplied by myself! The installers were awesome, but it is very difficult when you decide to show up one day before the hiring of an attorney to represent you for the misdeeds! My system is performing wonderfully as should, Enphase really needs to look at their suppliers!

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System size (kW): 5.85

System price: $18,044

Year installed: 2023

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: No