Review for Savkat Solar

Office location: 71 Dolphin Road, Bristol CT, 06010

Janet W Bristol, CT

SavKat Solar Experience

My family and I have wanted to install solar on our home for years, but unfortunately were never able to do so until our recent move. Our new home is perfectly situated for solar, so I started searching for a solar company in the tail end of December 2023. I wound up with two options, one of which was SavKat Solar, and made appointments with both companies. Jay from SavKat came out to our house on 12/26/2023 and spent several hours explaining EVERYTHING to me in great detail. He reviewed whether or not my house was a good fit for solar and why, then went over the different system sizes that are available and the warranties that go with each one. He explained the entire installation process from start to finish, including how long each of the steps in the process usually takes, and worked with me to figure out how many panels my family and I would need, as well as what the best location for each panel would be. He was open and honest about pricing and repayment options, and thoroughly answered and addressed each and every one of my questions and concerns. And when my daughter came home from work, he even spent extra time explaining everything to her! Neither one of us felt rushed or pressured into making a decision. He made us both feel extremely comfortable about asking him questions, and made sure that we understood everything. He told us to reach out to him with any questions we thought of after he left, and even e-mailed us all of the information that he spoke with us about so that we could review it and make a decision in our own time. Talk about service! I can't say the same about the other company. Jay also invited us to take a tour of the SavKat facilities, which I did on 1/3/2024. While there, I met multiple employees - including the owner - who were not only kind, but also quick to answer all of the questions that I had as well. After talking things over with my family, we decided to request an additional 3 panels so that we could be sure that we had enough wattage, and both Jay and the employees at SavKat were more than willing to accommodate our request. We signed a contract with them that day. Each and every step of the entire project happened faster than Jay had led us to expect, part of which might have been due to the fact that not a lot of people install solar in the beginning of the year. When the solar panels themselves were installed, every one of the employees were nice, quick, and efficient, and everything was explained to my family and I after it was done. Our new electric meters were installed today, so I'm hoping that we'll get permission to operate tomorrow. I can't say enough wonderful things about everyone at SavKat, especially Jay. Every time I've reached out to Jay, even when he was on a business trip, he has been extremely responsive, no matter how small my question might seem, and I was never once spoken down to or made to feel like I should know something that I didn't. If I could work with SavKat forever, I would. I wish more companies were as amazing as they are!

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System size (kW): 7.92

Year installed: 2024