Review for Good Energy Solutions

Office location: 641 E 22nd Street, Lawrence KS, 66046

QC Fenton, MO

Go with a local company

2 months of researching and looking at buyers' online reviews. We decided to go with the only U.S. solar company, SunPower, and Good Energy Solutions as our installer. SunPower because the panels, the microinverters, and the mounting bracket are supposed to be covered by them for 25 years. GES installer because they have the highest local review at that time, and with Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. GES seller rep. was great, and our project was handed to Christina Carroll, GES VP. Everything went downhill after that. Her communication was the worst. Every call we made to her went straight to voice mail. And we never got a callback from the voice mails that was left. Emails that were sent, never get reply from her. We constantly have to contact the sell rep. about our project, which he has to contact her for information. This went on for about 6 months, and all we got were an inspector home visit to make sure solar can be installed on our roof. At 7 months is when we found out the truth about our whole project. We were going to cancel our installation with Good Energy Solutions, and that's when she emailed us that they couldn't get permitting for our area. Good Energy end up contracting out our project to a local installer, EFS. 2 years into our solar system, SunPower finally updated their app to where individuals' panels can be monitored. We found out that for more than a year, one of the panels never produced energy. We contacted SunPower, and they told us to get a hold of GES. We contacted Good Energy about the panel, and they told us it's going to cost over $1,000 for them to just show up. Even though we were assured that all the workmanship done by EFS will still be covered by GES. Good Energy had to contract this work back to EFS again. After talking with EFS for the work, they said it would be $300 for them to send someone out to troubleshoot. And $300 more for them to come back out to replace any parts that are bad. They told us to replace the part ourselves if we want to save some money. Neither SunPower or Good Energy Solutions talking about the cost to send someone for services. Our advice is to go with someone within driving distance and have the permit to work in your area if you really want solar that bad. Otherwise, just forgo getting solar all together. The amount of saving IS NOT worth the headaches of owning the system. 3 coworkers went through similar headaches with solar, and they all would have never installed solar if they knew beforehand.

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System size (kW): 6

System price: $37,000

Year installed: 2021

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes