Review for Savkat Solar

Office location: 71 Dolphin Road, Bristol CT, 06010

Charles Oliver 1 Hampton, NH

Unfair and deceptive trade practices, breach of contract

There are no optional negative value stars. Savkat, applicable manufacturers contacts and area representatives, local installers of my metal interlocking shingles and the PVC membrane were all provided with the initial plan, which included installation instructions for Fast Track stainless steel anchors and stanchions requested by the metal roof manufacturer to preserve my warranty, and agreed to coordinate with the SAVKAT installation team for a November 2023 installation. Then on 7.5.23 the contract was signed. Savkat failed to provide the outstanding customer interactions their website and sales team promised. I had to seek updates and was stymied. Later. Savkat renegged on installing the Fast Track anchors requiring my roof installer do the work with their guidance. I spoke with the installer and he was prepared for the Nov installation. Savkat failed to perform their due diligence in maintaining communication with the others parties including the homeowner. They failed to submit a final plan, failed to seek town and electric utility approvals. Savkat failed to respond to my repeated attempts at contact. Savkat abandoned me! All attempts to contact the owner were blocked. 1.25.2024 Cameron called and blamed others for the delays, took no responsibility, offered no apologies, complained of my 1 Star review, and unilaterally attempted to cancel the contract of which they were clearly in breach, and told me my deposit of 8 months would be refunded. 2.5.24 Cameron left a voice-mail and renegged on the refund because my review. "Unfortunately because of the review being left I won't be able to refund the deposit until it is revoked." Holding the deposit as ransom!!! Savkat censorship of reviews is unconscionable. Their unethical attempt to coerce freedom of speech along with their advertised claims of exceptional customer experiences and interaction constitute unfair and deceptive business practices. Unfortunately they are the only dealer of SunPower solar panels.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
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System size (kW): 8.64

System price: $29,376

Year installed: 2023

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: No