Review for Greene Tech Renewable Energy

Office location: 530 East Main Street Unit 2226, Johnson City TN, 37601

James Nuckolls Piney Flats, TN

Highly Recommend

Making the switch to solar felt like a big leap, but Greene Tech Renewable Energy made it a total moonshot! From the initial consultation to the final rooftop flourish, they were professional, informative, and utterly transparent. I was nervous about navigating the solar world, but their team patiently answered all my questions. Choosing the right system with battery backup was crucial for me. I wanted energy independence and peace of mind. Greene Tech Renewable Energy didn't just show me fancy brochures; they tailored a system to my specific needs and budget. We even geeked out over the real-time monitoring app, which feels like having a tiny, solar-powered superhero in my pocket. Installation day was a symphony of efficiency. The crew arrived on time, were courteous and respectful, and left everything immaculate. They even explained the process step-by-step, like patient teachers deciphering the magic of sunshine into electricity. And the best part? My electric bill is practically singing opera now! My dependence on the grid has plummeted, and the battery backup ensures uninterrupted power, even when the clouds roll in. It's like having my own mini power plant humming away on my roof. But it's not just about the savings. There's a real sense of pride in harnessing the sun's power, knowing I'm making a positive impact on the environment. Greene Tech Renewable Energy helped me turn that aspiration into reality, and for that, I'm eternally grateful. If you're considering joining the solar revolution, take my word for it: Greene Tech Renewable Energy is the rocket fuel you need! They're not just selling panels; they're selling a brighter future, and I couldn't recommend them more highly. Five shining stars out of five!

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System size (kW): 11.4

Year installed: 2023