Review for SCSP Solar (formerly South Carolina Solar Project)

Office location: 460 King Street #200, Charleston SC, 29403

Tom Williams Guyton, GA

Informative first meeting

With the cost of electricity going up and never coming down my wife and I decided to look further into having solar at our home . Georgia Power had three or rate increases in a year. For 2 months we had the highest utility bills ever that I've had in my life. We feel lucky to have met Clay Copeland district manager of Scsp solar. He came to our home where we could ask him questions I knew little about solar power and neither did my wife. We have so many questions and he was able to explain it to us in layman's terms. He wanted to pick our brains too to find out what we were expecting and what we were trying to accomplish. Explain the federal government's rebates of 30% you talked about financing different rate plans and how long it will take for us to accomplish paying it off. He showed us the design and informed us the amount of solar that we would be getting throughout the year. We never felt pressured or rushed to make any decisions. I don't think he would tell us anything that wasn't true. We look forward to make a commitment with Clay in the future. A word to the wise be careful there are a lot of sales people out there some of them give you a price you can't refuse but watch out there may be add-ons that you don't know about. It's a big investment. Find someone with integrity. Someone that is truly looking out for your interest and needs.Someone that you can trust.

Sales process
On schedule
After sales support

System size (kW): 7950

Year installed: 2023