Review for Encor Solar (Out of Business)

Office location: 343 E Six Forks Rd, Raleigh NC, 27609

Mike Goldsboro, NC

Same issues different story

We had our panels installed early Sept 2022 and as of this posting we still haven't had any luck with our panels turned on. We received our reimbursement checks up until January and then starting February we haven't received a reimbursement check since. They state they can only send out so many reimbursement checks a month but we are now 8 months deep. Paying on solar panels and an increased electric bill is getting old and expensive now. "Scheduled" for multiple final inspections but no inspector came. Called the local inspection office and nothing was ever placed on the inspection schedule log for each of these "scheduled" inspections. Every contact with the company says they will reach out when they hear something but it's the same story over and over and over again. I am looking into other solar companies to see if they can assist or seek legal advice if needed.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support

System size (kW): 100

System price: $76,000

Year installed: 2022

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes