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Office location: 11891 Industrial Ct, Auburn CA, 95603

Bianca Grass Valley, CA

Not a good experience

Long story short, this company messed up our contract by moving the project up by 3 months, then telling us we couldn't add a battery because it was too 'last minute" even though we told them multiple times through the whole process that's what we wanted. Overall, we ended up having to pay over $800 to not be sued in court??? Because we wanted out of a $70k contract that THEY messed up.

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On schedule
Installation quality
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System size (kW): 4000

Year installed: 2023

Sunriver Solar reply 04/13/2023
Hello, This review is from a client who signed their contract on 10-9-22, without a battery included. On November 28, 2022, we arrived at their home to begin the installation - accommodating their desire to have the project completed prior to 2023 for tax reasons. They refused to let us do the installation and asked us to leave citing their desire for a battery. After multiple attempts to include a battery in a new contract, they sighted the increased price as a barrier and asked to cancel the contract. We agreed to cancel if they simply paid for the costs that we incurred for drawing up the plans and obtaining the building permit. They agreed to do this. We had to repeatedly request that they pay us the agreed upon amount. After two months they finally paid. It was at that time that they began posting bad reviews. As any viewer can see, we simply don't have bad reviews. These people are outliers. All of this could have been solved with more effective two way communication.