Review for Complete Energy Solutions, LLC

Office location: 6014 W 62nd Place, Arvada CO, 80003

Martha Arvada, CO

Wonderful! Local! Home-Grown

It’s a big move when an older couple puts its trust and considerable capital into as big an investment as solar panels! It also comes with loads of research and pondering when choosing a company to make that dream come true. Enter Complete Energy Solutions LLC! Knowing it would be a big outlay of cash, we agreed to research online sites like Solar Reviews, the BBB and Energy Sage for reviews. With several others, Complete Energy Systems emerged with an “elite” rating so they “made the cut” to our short list of possibilities. Additionally, we asked friends who had solar panels or knowledge about the industry for recommendations and some good acquaintances recommended Complete Energy Systems. Here’s what we found: where other very well rated companies didn’t even return our calls, Jennifer Morrison, co-owner of Complete Energy Systems was immediately responsive and very forthcoming with information and patiently answered our questions. We learned CES is a twenty year old local firm, based in Arvada, CO and the definition of a family business. It’s owned and run by Jennifer and her husband, the very professional and competent Matt Morrison. We were also attracted to the “genuine” feeling of this firm and contracted with them in early September. Jennifer visited or was available by phone many times before the real installation. They took our suggestions seriously, obtained the necessary permits. The installation went smoothly thanks to the work and expertise of Matt and Jennifer as well as their team which included members of their family (their actual offspring). This is the definition of an American family business. The installation took place in October where here in Conifer with its unpredictable weather but they forged ahead with what seems to be a very good job with quality components. The system has been up and running for about two weeks and so far we’re very pleased. The few times we’ve phoned with questions, they’ve been very forthcoming.

System size (kW): 1

Year installed: 2023