Review for Sunrun Inc.

Office location: 13012 Saticoy St #1, North Hollywood CA, 91605

Daniel Arcadia, CA

Confusion, dismissal, silence

If I could go back and start this project over again, I would not choose Sunrun. There were red flags right up front that I missed, so shame on me. Issues I had: #1 was that I was contacted and discussed installation with 3 separate people in fairly rapid succession, without much explanation (the first guy just disappeared, no idea what became of him), and then a 4th guy became involved (who would be, I later found out, our project "manager," a massive overstatement of what he did.) #2 was that the roof work was done by a sub, and that sub knew nothing about the project, or the area and was given a contact by Sunrun that didn't match what has been discussed (i.e. we wanted to keep our tile roof, the sub was planning on removing that completely and replacing with composite.) Sunrun's reps sent me *pictures* of what the final install would look like, which maybe saved me. Luckily I asked those questions, at least... #3 was scheduling... of which there was none. It was just silence, then, boom, we're ready to start next week, we'll be there on Tuesday. #4 was an inability, even after many repetitions, for either Sunrun or the sub to speak to our GC (the house is being renovated), or keep her name, my name, ou my father-in-law's names straight (as in, I once got an email with my GC's first name and my father-in-law's last name, but emailed to me... WTF?) #5 is that when things went wrong with the roofer, Sunrun was *nowhere* to be found. Like, silence. Their roofer repeatedly dismissed concerns and questions, even as we failed several inspections and then had a (minor, admittedly) roof leak. #6 is that far into the process, when I noticed that batteries were not being included, I was told (and so far, this has not changed) that the project cannot be altered. This is, granted, partially my fault. I accept that. But I am a novice at this, and the 3x sales team members and the project non-manager made this so much harder (I'm still not sure what happened, in part because I had to sign the same paperwork twice because of some SignNow/Docusign issue, and I'm still not sure if the mistake was introduced there, or when I was bounced from one salesperson to the next, to that next, or what...) #7 is that I just got a demand for payment from their collections department, and we have not passed inspection, dealt with all the issues RE: the roof to my GC's satisfaction, or closed (despite repeated asks by me) on the issue of having the batteries added. (I mean, I'm asking to PAY them to install 2 or even 3 Powerwalls... this should be an easy "Yes" but we're into that specifically by a bout 5 weeks and I don't have even a definitive "No" yet.) My overall take is that the panels will probably all work fine, the system was installed as quoted (well, as one of the quotes; not the one we finally settled on verbally, but the one that I ended up signing for in the shuffle), etc. But the installation process... a circus, with no one in charge, close to zero communication, minimal responsiveness. I have *zero* faith that if something does go wrong, Sunrun will do anything about it in a timely fashion (I dread the day in a year or three when the roof starts leaking...) Even if the panels themselves, the "core product", might end up working great, my overall experience was such that I would actively recommend *against* using Sunrun.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
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System size (kW): 15

System price: $47,874

Year installed: 2022

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: No