Review for NATiVE Solar

Office location: 201 Cole Street, Austin TX, 78737

Hammer San Angelo San Angelo, TX

Hammer, San Angelo

In December of 2016, my wife and I purchased a solar installation from a local, San Angelo, solar company. The installation went as discussed and we were happy because things went as planned. Soon after that installation the once local company, left San Angelo and we were assured that if there was ever a problem with our installation to, “call them for service”. Our system functioned effectively until 5.18.22(date obtained from our electric provider), we became aware of the issue with the June 2022 bill. The electric company came to the house to make sure there was not a problem they needed to fix, and it was determined that it was a solar system problem. The installer was immediately notified and was provided with the information he requested so that a diagnosis could be determined. From that initial contact with the owner of the solar company on approximately 6.15.22 until 8.6.22 we were without any specific information regarding a service call. Time and time again were we told that us being in San Angelo was going to be a problem for service. Finally, on 8.6.22 his office manager told us a service person would be here on 8.8.22. The technician did come and told us he could not download the necessary information in order to diagnose the problem and would need to return with the necessary equipment to do so, but could not tell us when that would be, “it would have to be scheduled by the office manager and the owner”. Over the next several weeks, from 8.9.22 thru 8.26.22, there were no positive efforts made to reschedule a service call. Phone calls, texts and e-mails went unanswered, I believe the phrase is, “no response, just crickets”. We were being completely ignored by the original installation whose contract states, “If there is an issue, we will come fix it”. Finally, we found Native Solar, who provided us with specific dates, updates, price guidelines, answered e mails, returned phone calls with relevant information and never once left us feeling ignored or told us you are out of luck because you live in San Angelo. San Angelo is a town where you can drive around and see who has solar and from there it is an easy phone call and contact to ask who your installer was and how is their service. I will be spreading the word about the quality of the service work done by Native Solar. They understand customer service and demonstrated that to us. As for the original installer, “all hat and no cattle”, and I will be spreading that word as well.

Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support

System size (kW): 6

Year installed: 2022