Review for SunPower

Ed Markarian Santa Monica, CA

Successful System

In spite of the long wait time (no fault of Sun Power), this was a very positive experience. With the constant contact with Kayla, all my questions and concerns were answered. For example, I had given one of the workers a parking permit, which they inadvertently took with them. Kayla tracked down the permit, and it was delivered to me. The technicians behaved professionally through this entire process, from the installation to the inspection. The solar system is now producing about 135% of our energy needs. The Sun Power people provided terrific customer service and satisfaction. I highly recommend this company!

System size (kW): 5.7

Who installed your solar panels?: Sun Power Construction

Year installed: 2022

SunPower reply 10/31/2022
Ed, we are delighted to read how exceptional your experience has been. Congrats on going solar and thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!