Review for Complete Energy Solutions, LLC

Office location: 103 S. Wahsatch Avenue, Colorado Springs CO, 80903

Ben Colorado Springs, CO

The BEST Solar Company that won't cheat you

I spent 2 years researching solar companies and doing my due diligence with regard to whether I'd need them or not. Given that Colorado—demographically—produces the most sunshine with less atmosphere and that they were shutting down the coal plant near our home, it seemed a no brainer. The rest of the companies we looked at were... sketchy at best. Jenn and Matt (the owners) are both veterans and straight shooters. They do NOT finance, but only do install and were able to explain everything in layman's terms. They were able to compare other bids and point out the issues. We've had our system now for a month and have no electric bill and actually rolls over onto the grid to save us money in the winter months. Point being, is that you shouldn't waste your time on other companies. I researched them all for you already, and Complete Energy Solutions/DenSolar is, hands down, the best!

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
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System size (kW): 13.6

System price: $44,000

Year installed: 2022

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes