Review for Good Energy Solutions

Office location: 641 E 22nd Street, Lawrence KS, 66046

Joe Wichita, KS

PV system installation with SunPower solar panels

I hired Good Energy Solutions to install a PV system on our home with SunPower solar panels. I was the first to install solar in my neighborhood and they were very helpful getting HOA approval with an aesthetically pleasing system design. After nearly 7 months I’m pleased to report that the performance of our solar panels have been good since our system was activated in the fall of 2021. The panels have withstood Kansas weather including high winds, hail and snow and have generated 9,569 kWh of electricity which is 102% of our home usage. That includes the electricity to charge an electric vehicle. Other than the standard charge to remain connected to the grid, we have effectively erased our electric bill as well as the bill to fuel one of our cars! Our home value has increased significantly as a result of the solar project.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
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System size (kW): 10

Year installed: 2021