Review for Complete Energy Solutions, LLC

Office location: 6014 W 62nd Place, Arvada CO, 80003

Rebecca Pichon Colorado Springs, CO

I cannot express enough how amazing Jennifer from the Arvada office and her team are at Complete Energy Solutions. We had our solar panels installed in May of 2021 from a different solar company, and that company went bankrupt and never completed our project. So our solar panels were just sitting on our roof, not getting used, while the company we financed our solar loan through had to start charging us! So we were paying DOUBLE for our utilities for almost a year. And to be honest, we had given up hope that they would ever be turned on since company after company tried to come in and fix the problem and failed. It wasn’t until Jennifer and her team came in and fixed this colossal issue with ease, professionalism, confidence, transparency, and just the best communication I could have asked for. She was prompt about giving us updates and letting us know what was going on, and she did everything in her power to fix this awful situation we were in and we couldn’t be happier. If we could redo it all over again, we wish we would’ve gone through Complete Energy Solutions in the first place. Thank you Jennifer and everyone else who came to our house and worked behind the scenes so this small family could start saving money like we were supposed to in the first place! You guys rock!

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System size (kW): 5

System price: $27,094

Year installed: 2022

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes